Have a look at this.  You might not recognise the person in the photo, that’s Jane. No wait that’s wrong. It’s Chic Aeon. She’s a blogger. But look at the barrow and the little fence and the pile of hay. Recognise those?

Chic Aeon as Jane. (Photo by Chic Aeon)

Chic got some of Logan’s stuff at the Home and Garden Expo 2012 and she really liked it. So much so that she wrote a blog post about it on her own site and what’s more, she made this rockin’ video.  (-:

Thank you Chic. We love your videos. Great work.

Talking Horse

This is Blu and Logan’s friend Dreamer Hawker. She’s a talking horse.  She lives in a paddock with a little stable on Turing Isle II. She’s very friendly but Logan says you have to be careful when she turns round quickly because it really hurts when she steps on your toes.

When she’s in a really good mood, sometimes she let you ride her. This is Lail riding around on Dreamer. Logan and I rode on her once too, but Logan, the retard, lost the photos.

Roe Trainard

Today we appointed a new VKC Proven Trainer. Roe Woodford. Here she is getting the customary slapping from some of the other trainards in the Dog Park.

Most new trainers giggle and look embarrassed when they do this but as you can see, this presented no problem at all for Roe. Having been a super model and fought off the girl with the Ninja Eyelashes, she jumped straight in and fought back.

Lieffiie *Miss Fifi* Ruby

It’s not easy being a model. People think it’s just a job for Bimbos and Dimbos, but you have to think about a lot more stuff than just your hair and make up.

You need to know how to walk right and where to walk and how to do all the poses and you need to be able to do the model girls’ hard stare.

Most important of all, you need to be able to do the teapot stand without falling off your heels into the molten lava flow that is rushing past a mere few feet away.

Perma Yay II

Normally an affliction of Dad, Karys or Ebi, the perma-yay today attacked Logan.

While all y’all are standin’ there laughin’ and chucklin’ and chortlin’ and …did I hear just hear someone snort?
I’d like to point out to you how very uncomfortable and ungainly this really is. Not only that, it’s bloody dangerarse too! I get hair gel up my nose, which mixes with the chemicals in my flame ducts and can lead to some highly inflammable sneezes.

Flower Faerie

Actually it’s not a proper fairy. It’s not any sort of faerie at all. It’s just me and Logan in Hosanna’s huge Easter Basket.

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