Mayor Miller


I found a new game, it’s called Rising Cities.
I am Mayor Miller, building a city. I have to build houses and farms and factories, but keep the residents happy so they don’t leave.
You can watch my progress here … provided it doesn’t all collapse in a heap of course.

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Faulty Shoulder Fail


I’m getting a bit fed up with this. If I could remember where I got her from, I’d take her back to the shop and ask for a new one.
Perhaps I should raise a JIRA instead. I could be the first reporter in the SHOULDER-PET-BUG project.

Old English Mountain Dog


Oh, I know what you’re thinking: “That’s not very high up


He just took it with a racy camera angle to make it look high. It’s probably about six inches off the ground like when they film those terrifying clinging to the window ledge of the skyscraper scenes in a thriller.


Well, you’re wrong. (-:
That’s Pepper, the Old English Mountain Dog.
I don’t think she knows how to get back down.

I Miss Cazaluff


…animal loving…



…fun loving…

…but never immature…



…mild mannered…

…wouldn’t say boo to a goose… much less an ostrich…


Taco misses you too.

We miss you Diddi, come back and see us (-:

Leg Fail

Do I look angry?

Do I look angry in this photo?
Have a look at the rest of the set to see why.


Never Leave your avatar unattanded is a lesson learned early by many residents.

Sadly Many still fail to heed the lesson.
Actually, that’s not sad at all – it’s well-funny as LilWich ably demonstrates.

She was like this when we found her... honest!