Ebi’s Birthday 2011

Ebi’s birthday was much like Rosanna’s, but he didn’t have time to wait for all the others to come on line. So Blu and Logan gave him a slapping before his kids cam home and he had to go again.

Demo Butt

Do you recognise this butt?

Blu employs an old friend who just happens to be passing to help her check if it is hers.

Logan, the retard, looks to see if it is hers. But Logan, you were in the original photo, so unless you have two butts, it’s hardly going to be you… is it? Tyler looks like he is thinking: whaaaaaaat?

Tone Plays Again

Day two of the Virtual Kennel Club Anniversary Celebrations and Tone Uriza was back for another gig.

A Tone’s-eye view of the dancers and audience.

Dad dancing with Blu.

Logan dancing with Rico – you know, it’s pretty hard to make her do all that fancy footwork… and not knock anyone else over.

Punky Solo, strutting her stuff.

Eve Compton, groovin’

Change Partners …Logan dances with Dad

… Blu dances with Rico.

…and Niju Zarco continues to shake his thang.

Pepper adores Tone.

The Tonettes came armed with rulers and left Tone all a quiver.

Dog Bath Video

Some months ago Blu and Logan and Dad got together to make the LogSpark Dog Bath for VKC(TM) Dogs. Solcar did the animations, Blu designed the baths and created the themes and Logan and I wrote the scripts.

The bath comes in Small, Medium and Large to suit the sizes of the different Virtual Kennel Club dog breeds and features two and a half minutes of looped animation for each breed. There are nine themes that can be selected from the touch control menu and there are also controls that will allow you to fine tune your avatar’s position at the bath to get the most realistic look.

If you’d like one of these, you can get them from the LogSpark Dog Bath Store at the VKC Dog Park at Turing Isle. If you need two or more baths (so that you have the right size baths for your VKC Dog breeds) you can get a discount by buying the Twin Pack or the Fat Pack which contains all three.

Dad’s Moonlighting


Dad! You busted Dude!

Blu and Me and Logan found you out. You been moonlighting as a model! Look out Roe, he’ll probably be on a catwalk near you soon!

dad_moonlighting_02Is that him in the top right too?

St. Patrick’s Day 2010


And so it came to pass that it was time to gather together again and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.


St. Patrick’s real rez day was on March 17, but we couldn’t wait any longer and we had our party on the weekend before.


We were also celebrating the rez days for some of the Turing Isle residents who had been sick on their real rez days (or who are too retarded to remember when their rez day actually is). The celebratards were:

  • Blu Heron
  • SeaRose Charisma
  • Keiichi Ichtama
  • Solcar Amat – WTG Dad! You are THREE! (-:


So we had dancing…


…and green beer…
This is Logan and Me drinking green beer and Doolittle is waiting and hoping that we don’t guzzle it all.

This is Blu heron drinking green beer and behind her is Doolittle sleeping off his green beer and in the back ground is Dad who has a bellyache from drinking too much green beer already.
It’s always the same.


When Blu H said that Irish Ted was coming, I thought he was at least gonna be a bloke a with a fiddle and I was hoping for a whole band. Little was I expecting this.


But, looking on the positive side, we had Leprechauns too.
This is soddem gomorrer gonorr gonetomorrer beggaroh oh bugger it, this is Shaun the Leprechaun.

…and inevitably…


…there were monkeys…


I made a boo boo and I didn’t write down the name of this lady who was rockin’ out with her monkey. But, I think it’s Maharet Wrigglesworth. (And if I’m wrong, y’all will let me know, right?)

Blu and Rosanna are also in the photo. I’ll leave you to guess which one is which, though I should warn you that if you get it wrong, you’re probably dead.


And this is Whenever Timeless and Ishtar Roux …and monkeys


…and this is Paula Chunes, with green amber nectar …and a monkey.


From Left to Right: Blu Heron, Rosanna Himmel, Whenever Timeless, Diddi Cazalet, Ishtar Rox, Me, Logan, Hazey Big Bear, Keiichi Ichtami, two blokes I can’t remember, Blu Sparkle, Karys Aarde, Cephus Levee, Joachim Sicling, Love Kawaguichi.

…and <sigh> monkeys.