Ebi’s Birthday 2011

Ebi’s birthday was much like Rosanna’s, but he didn’t have time to wait for all the others to come on line. So Blu and Logan gave him a slapping before his kids cam home and he had to go again.



From left to right: Blu Sparkle, Diddi Cazalet, Ebi Ebi and Alexja Xue doing the arthritic zombie cheeseburger munch.


The Virtual Kennel Club dogs giving it some “I can has Cheezeburger too?”


Dad: “Don’t you be looking at ma cheeezeburger boy!”

More Headlessness

ebi_lost_his_headIt seems that headlessness was rife at Halloween.
Ebi lost his head, but Quoth kept his.



Dad lost his too (no surprises there then)



Karys lost hers and was shouting about it.



Headless woman pets Sheepdog



Sheepdog realises woman is headless and freaks out.


Isle of Dogs

You know that place that I said I wasn’t allowed to talk about and take pictures of? (Not the one with the dancing girls and the poles, the other one, you know… the secret one?) Well, now it is not a secret.


First came the announcement from Enrico…

…me and Logan then made another one for the people on Turing Isle in the Dog Park so they would know to come too. (Actually we made that one just because we can. Logan likes sending messages to the estate and she likes hollering. Simple pleasures, eh?)

So then you press OK and you go out through the Vavoom! store and get onto the bridge, and go slowly so that you don’t fall into the water between the sims.

and oh… who’s this? It’s Dad wandering around aimlessly. He looks like a bloody tourist.

Meanwhile up in the new Plaza…

Rico is waiting for the people to come and looking apprehensive…

…Blu is busy making a few last minute adjustments…

and on the little deck by the waterside, the gulls are waiting for someone to come and feed them. But, it won’t be me I can tell you, the last time I got near the gulls, one of them stole my chips. I’m not having that happen again, chips I can bear but I don’t wanna lose a Frankenbabyburger to them. They just gobble up anything in sight, so they wouldn’t appreciate good quality fare like that. Continue reading

Logan’s Birthday

23rd December is Logan’s birthday. Estimates vary as to her real age from 46 years old to 152 years old. We all know that she lies about her age, but that’s ridiculous. But, totally unperturbed by the age anomaly, Blu Sparkle and Blu Heron organised a party for her and a load of our mates* came over to dance in the park.

Blu Sparkle

Blu Heron

Diddi Cazalet

Solcar Amat (Dad)

Enrico Genosse

(…who really knows how to rock out…)

Rosanna Himmel

Me, rocking out with Logan and Rico

Ebi Ebi

Everyone rocking out and kicking the balloons around

This one is our mate Pell Smith who is the very talented bassoon player in the Fontana Orchestra,

…but look again at how he is not in the snow… that’s not because he is in Japan and there wasn’t any snow (there might have been, I don’t know) but Pell was here in Second Life with us. So what happened? Well… Blu just happened to make a new island appear from beneath the waves… like magic. Look!

…but she named the island wrong, it should have been Isle of Miller.

Oh, if you are wondering what that little symbol means, it says:
No pushing anyone over so that they fall down and bruise their arse.

…so anyway we just moved the party to the new island and carried right on with more dancing…

…and balloons…

…and dogs…

…and cars…

…and Rosanna’s aeroplane (but everyone was too scared to go in that)…

…and horses**…

…and then we ate cake.. me and Logan ate lots of cake…

…and did the Onigokko…

…and generally made a mess…

*None of the people that I invited could come, they all said that they were dancing elsewhere and needed the money from the tips. Everyone that could come thought that this was probably a blessing.


**Photo by Ebi Ebi.

48 Hour Film Project

Logan and Blu and Ebi and Dad and Cazaluff and Rico and me entered in the 48 Hour Film Project Machinima Contest. This was COOL… but it seems that forty-eight hours is a long time for humans to stay up and there was not much rest and it was all I could do to keep Logan awake until the end.

First we went to the “Kick Off” Event at the “Fly In Cinema” (where the space ships park so the people in them can watch films) and we hung out with some weird looking people and some normal looking people and a girl who could not stop dancing and we waited to find out what we had to have in our film.

Hanging out at the Kick Off

  • Prop: Beach Ball
  • Character: Pat Mitchell, a painter
  • Line of Dialogue: “I need a drink”
  • Our Movie Genre: Holiday Film

Me and Logan and Rico and Dad at the Kick Off

When the Kick Off was done we all went to Rico’s island to brainstorm for ideas. Well, that’s what they said they were doing, but I saw a lot of people lying around on the floor and stuff. Oh and I saw this…

I’m still not quite sure what this was all about, but I don’t think we were allowed to make that sort of a movie anyway, in case some other people’s kids saw it or something.

Anyway, we made up this story about a boy who wanted a bear for Christmas, but he got the wrong one and he was grumpy about it, like forever and had a big row with Santa Claus.

Ebi played Santa Claus

Blu built some cool sets with Diddi…

Diddi and Dad played the Elves that worked in Santa’s Warehouse

But Dad also had to play the part of Pat Mitchell and he was changing his costume but he screwed up and took most of his kit off without putting any more on. He was standing there almost naked and everyone was cheering and laughing.

Back on the set with the little village, there was this snowman who kept talking to anyone that came near. He wasn’t like good AI or anything and he talked crap mostly, but he thought he was too good to talk to me and when I spoke to him he ignored me.

Of course he may have been ignoring me because I was shouting at him because he was talking rubbish and distracting the crew who were supposed to be working. So anyway, I got a bit wound up and things got a bit heated and I erm…… well, I flamed him. And then he looked like this:

I don’t recall there ever being a scene written where Santa Claus steals Pat Mitchell’s truck and races off in it and crashes into some trees. But, here is Santa, in the truck, crashed into the trees and… taking a picture of himself.

In one scene Dad had to be Pat Mitchell and sit at the table in his house looking very, very glum. But he was having a bit of a fit and he ended up sitting in the drawer of the table looking very, very stupid. So I took a photo of that too.

You’re probably wondering what the hell Logan was doing, right? (Apart from carrying me of course) You’re probably thinking “where is that lazy goodfernuthin Logan?” Well although it would be quite natural for you to think that, on this occasion she was actually making herself useful and she made a set too. She made the set for the warehouse scene. Actually, it was just a building that she made really, and a conveyor belt, it only became a set when everyone got in there and put all the toys and all the gifts in. Then it looked really good.

Elves in the warehouse

Decorating the warehouse

I had to send Logan to wikipedia to look up about Kris Kringle so that she would understand about how it is a corruption of ChristKindl or Christ kindel (the Christ Child) which is what they call the Christmas time gift bringer in various parts of the world. Anyway, once she had got it into her head, I could make her make the sign for the warehouse.

Global Distribution, geddit?

Here is a picture of Santa reading Pat’s letter, Pat says he wants a live bear for Christmas.

If you look carefully in the top of this photo, you can see Blu. She is lying on an invisible physical box. She has to hold it up so that it does not fall to the ground and Ebi (Santa) has to move it and Logan has to film. It was part of the special effects, you can see the result in the film.

Blu and Logan were relieved when they realised that there was only one more scene to shoot…

…but wait, WHERE is Dad?

Everyone had been working for a long time and everyone was tired, so Dad just went to lie on the bed “for a moment” and listen for when it was his scene again. But, he must have gone to sleep because no one could make him hear…

Santa with a machine gun is standing on Pat’s head whilst Blu and Logan do the Onigokko and everyone is making as much noise as they can, shooting and playing sounds and music and doing Hooooooo and Yayyyyy*…

…oooops Blu and Logan crash into eachother. And look at Cazaluff… she was just standing there pretending that she is not a lunatic or anything. Ha!

Dad woke up again after about fifteen minutes and we got him back to do the last scene. After that me and Logan had to stay up for hours more to edit the film and put in the music and make the titles and upload it, which takes like FOREVER!

Of course, there were LOADS of photos that I didn’t think to take and a lot of stuff that I have missed out of the story because I can’t remember so please send me links to where your photos are… or send me more photos!

A few days later we were back with the weird looking people and the normal looking people at the screenings in the Fly In Cinema, to watch all the cool 48 Hour films.

You can see our film at the 48 Hour Film project site, look for the link to Machinima and our film is called “A Very Bear-y Christmas”

And this is the Director’s Cut, which if you don’t know, is where I have to stand over Logan and make her do it again properly.

And if you’re really keen, you can download the full fat version from Logan’s account on blip.tv.


*I hate Yayyy, I get Logan’s hair up my nose.