The Hair Show

Earlier this week I received tickets for two to the Dreamseeker Productions Hair Show, organised by my great friend, super model and fashion show entrepreneur, Roe Woodford. I took Blu and Logan.

Roe was looking a little worried as she took the stage to start the show. It was fairly clear what she was thinking:
“Why the hell did I let Brendan do my hair? He made it look like a bladdy bird’s nest.

But, don’t worry Roe, you’re not alone out there with a wacky hairdo. He did Kaly’s too and hers looks like snow storm!

Right after that a girl came out wearing a blue jelly mould hair do.

And then… Nemo’s Garden!

I’d left the remote-miller-cam surreptitiously patrolling the audience, it was set up to send me a text when it found Scary Judge, but it never did. She’ll be kicking herself someone when she sees this, she really missed out. This would be just her style.

I think this is how Cazaluff said they wear their hair in the summer, when it’s too hot to wear their horned helmets on the bus and on the tube.

The also had boy hair.  I can’t remember who this bloke is, but he looks like a younger version of that dodgy Archdeacon Robert from Rev.
Anyway, I think the last of the Mohecans can now officially be declared dead.

Finally out came Koffie Juniper with hair like Roe’s complete with nesting birds!

I think it’s highly probable and completely understandable that they mistook her for a tree.