New World N00Bs

You may have heard that Dad and Logan have been exploring a new world called InWorldz, Blu and Kallys and Lail and Hosanna have also been there. Much to my dismay, they are exploring it without my supervision and as you might expect, Dad and Logan are the most noob like, at least from the little I have seen so far they are. Here are some examples:

Hat and Mouth Disease

Don’t look now…

Here comes psychedelic swiss cheese Rosanna

Later on Dad buys a house. According to Logan he doesn’t have anywhere to put the house, doesn’t want a house in IW, doesn’t really like this house and wouldn’t have bought it on purpose. Yes, Dad is the only person I know, that can buy a house by accident. Oh hang on, wait, Austin could probably do that too.

Isle of Dogs

You know that place that I said I wasn’t allowed to talk about and take pictures of? (Not the one with the dancing girls and the poles, the other one, you know… the secret one?) Well, now it is not a secret.


First came the announcement from Enrico…

…me and Logan then made another one for the people on Turing Isle in the Dog Park so they would know to come too. (Actually we made that one just because we can. Logan likes sending messages to the estate and she likes hollering. Simple pleasures, eh?)

So then you press OK and you go out through the Vavoom! store and get onto the bridge, and go slowly so that you don’t fall into the water between the sims.

and oh… who’s this? It’s Dad wandering around aimlessly. He looks like a bloody tourist.

Meanwhile up in the new Plaza…

Rico is waiting for the people to come and looking apprehensive…

…Blu is busy making a few last minute adjustments…

and on the little deck by the waterside, the gulls are waiting for someone to come and feed them. But, it won’t be me I can tell you, the last time I got near the gulls, one of them stole my chips. I’m not having that happen again, chips I can bear but I don’t wanna lose a Frankenbabyburger to them. They just gobble up anything in sight, so they wouldn’t appreciate good quality fare like that. Continue reading