EOE The Where Did You Get That Hat? Show

When I got to the EoE Show Roe was already there, wearing a Vertigo Swirl hat and looking a little nonplussed. She was wondering where to sit because some ignorant peasants had sat in her reserved judges seat.

Scary Judge was also there, but she had place in the judges seats because even ignorant peasants would run away when they saw her coming to eat their beads. If they stayed in her seat, she would probably eat them too.

We also saw girl with some strange knotted growth in her hair, wearing a blanket.

Wonder Woman was in the audience, but she left quickly at the end because everyone was going to pester her for autographs.

Anyway, on to the show and check out the HATS!

First up was the Useless Umbrella hat.
Stylish. Unique.
Useless in the rain.

Hot on the heels of that was Horse Pill hat.
We’re not sure which part of the horse’s body this would be used on, but we think it would involve a struggle and probably some squashed toes.

This is the Yellow Flower Pot hat.
It will remain useful even when it’s no longer fashionable as a hat.
Notice the model’s organically grown Ninja Eyelashes.

This one is the Black Fan hat.
You could also use it for cleaning cobwebs off the ceiling.

This is my friend Lieffiie Ruby modelling the Invisible Mystery hat.
I’m worried that the judges might not understand it and it might cost her points in the contest.

After that came the Gothic Birds’ Nest hat.
Looks like they hadn’t quite finished making it.

Clown Hat.
You must be having a larf.

One of the organisards was also sporting a hat. This is the Gothic Garden hat.

There was also a second contest being judged at the same time: The Ninja Eyelash Class.
Not all the models had entered but you can see the winner and the runner up below.

Runner Up

Double-ended Ninja Eyelashes.
A clear winner.