Woodford Luxury Homes

Not content with being a Super Model, a VKC Trainer, a Model Judge, A Fashion Show Entrepreneur and the owner of a Modelling Academy, Roe is branching out again. This time she’s getting into building.

I am very pleased to be able to present to you the world premier of

Woodford Luxury Homes

Stunning Architecture

Immaculate Interiors and Beautiful Views

All the mod cons.  Both inside…

…and out.

View the video walk through on YouTube and Like them on Facebook.

PFP Gabriel Show

I have good news for all you Fashionistards and Modelling Fans. After the sponsors of Roe and Lynn’s Fashion Shows pulled the plug on them, Roe set up her own company ProFashion Productions  so that she could produce her own shows.

Today was the first one and I had VIP tickets for me and Blu and LilWitch and Logan .

All the models were wearing designs by Gabriel.

Here’s Roe, introducing the first model as the show was just starting.

DJ Lynn was already well into the groove, and halfway down a bottle of rum.

The models seemed to be having an unofficial sticky-up hair competition. This is sticky up beehive.

Sticky-up chocolate moose mousse.

This girl was definitely the winner of the sticky-up hair show.

They also had boy models, but this one seemed to have missed the point of the stickyup hair competition. Perhaps no one told him.

But this guy was getting the hang of it.

This one was really shy.
You can’t do no cameras when you’re a model mate.
The whole point is that people want to take your photo.
You should probably do your shirt up before you come on stage too.

I haven’t seen a good teapot pose since Lieffie’s show, and today was no different.

But the show was well-attended and the audience seemed to enjoy it all the same.

I sneaked a quick peek with the remote spybot millercam to see if there was anyone we recognised…

I’m happy to say that Scary Judge was in the audience this week.
Scary or not I was pleased to see her because I know all my readers had missed her.

LOOK who else was in the audience! Endina and Patsy from Ab Fab!
How cool is that?

But the next thing I knew it was all over. Roe and the audience were applauding the models and it was time to go home.

By the way, you can see the rest of my photos from the show on my new Flickr pages (-:
PFP Gabriel Show on FLickr

ProFashion Productions Opening Party

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (and I know that some of my readers do live in some odd places) you will know that my friend, super-model, judge and fashion queen, Roe Woodford has started her own company ProFashion Productions. Today was the opening party.  I went along to rub shoulders with the glamourous models and drink free champers.

We arrived ten minutes early and the joint was already jumpin’.
…and the models had already guzzled all the champagne.

Vero Modero Summer Fashion Show

It was not without a twinge of sadness that I took Logan to see the Vero Modero Summer Fashion Show this afternoon. Sad because it is the last show that Roe and Lynn will be doing for Dreamseeker Productions. They put on a great show and if you’ve never seen one, you missed out.

Anyway, we arrived at the beautiful tropical location and made our way to our seat.

No sooner had we got comfy when things looked like they were going to go wrong.  This girl arrived with a bladdy mountainous hairdo and plonked herself down in the seat in front of us. I could hardly see a thing.
Worse still there was a bloke sitting next to her with the MF word in his group tag. I was about to have a word with him because it’s not really appropriate for this sort of venue, but it turned out that he was just a little boy in RL and when his Mum called him to go and have his tea, he had to leave.

Here’s Roe in her swimwear and coool shades.

With this being a summer fasion show on a beach, there were a lot of girls in bikinis. Now, you all know what bikini girls look like so you probably don’t need me to show you a lot of photos.

But here are  a couple anyway just in case. If you need to see some more, you can go to the beach, or get some magazines, or something.

Logan said this hairstyle is called a beehive. I think the flower is summer fashion for bees.

You have to be careful because if you lose the flower, the bees will move out and it ends up looking like this.

We wondered how this girl could even see where she was going.

I think the pollen from the flowers was playing havoc her hay fever and making her eyes all puffy, so she combed her fringe down to hide them a bit.

Lunch was served live.
I had mine with fries and a little ranch dressing.

After I had eaten, I had a quick look around in the audience. I couldn’t see anyone we know, but I did see a man in a strange looking hat…

…and a strange looking man in a very strange hat, with a handbag.

After that it was time to meet Bouquet Babii the Designer.

When Lynn came out from the DJ stand and started to boogie, it was the end of the show and all the models came out to dance too.

Roe and Lynn, you do the best fashion shows. I’m going to miss going to see them.

The Hair Show

Earlier this week I received tickets for two to the Dreamseeker Productions Hair Show, organised by my great friend, super model and fashion show entrepreneur, Roe Woodford. I took Blu and Logan.

Roe was looking a little worried as she took the stage to start the show. It was fairly clear what she was thinking:
“Why the hell did I let Brendan do my hair? He made it look like a bladdy bird’s nest.

But, don’t worry Roe, you’re not alone out there with a wacky hairdo. He did Kaly’s too and hers looks like snow storm!

Right after that a girl came out wearing a blue jelly mould hair do.

And then… Nemo’s Garden!

I’d left the remote-miller-cam surreptitiously patrolling the audience, it was set up to send me a text when it found Scary Judge, but it never did. She’ll be kicking herself someone when she sees this, she really missed out. This would be just her style.

I think this is how Cazaluff said they wear their hair in the summer, when it’s too hot to wear their horned helmets on the bus and on the tube.

The also had boy hair.  I can’t remember who this bloke is, but he looks like a younger version of that dodgy Archdeacon Robert from Rev.
Anyway, I think the last of the Mohecans can now officially be declared dead.

Finally out came Koffie Juniper with hair like Roe’s complete with nesting birds!

I think it’s highly probable and completely understandable that they mistook her for a tree.

Lieffiie’s Graduation

I was a bit worried when we arrived at the landing point for Lieffiie’s Modelling Graduation Show, we were in a graveyard.

“Logan, you retard!” I exclaimed, “This can’t be the right place!”

But Logan insisted that it was a Gothic themed show and this is the sort of thing they’re into.

I made her turn the lighting up a bit and I spotted Ravens in a tree eating something.

“What have you got there?” I asked them.
“Eyeballs!” they said.
“Those are olives!” said Logan
“They’re ours now” said the Ravens.
(Yes, this is a Terry Pratchett joke, and no I can’t remember which book it’s from.)

Logan and I sighed and went inside.

The judges were on the stage getting ready.

On the other side of the stage there were two more judges guarding the virginal human sacrifice for the after-show party.

Scary Judge wasn’t presiding over this show, but I think this woman is her sister.

Stony-faced judge was ready on his perch. He looks difficult to impress.

“Why do you think they are all sitting down?” asked Logan

Have you seen their shoes?

Roe wasn’t judging this show either, but she was in the audience. I’m not sure you should wear white clothes Roe, they might try to eat you afterwards too and what’s that scary looking tentacle coming your way?

Oh, not to worry. False alarm. It’s just Kaly’s horns.

The presenters then announced that the models were going to demonstrate all the different Gothic styles, like American Gothic and European Gothic…

…and You May Now Applaud Gothic…

…Scary Lieffiie Gothic…

…Peephole Gothic…

…Red and Black Gothic…

…Builders’ Cleavage Gothic…

Everything was going along beautifully and then suddenly there was this ghastly sound,


everyone stops and turns round to see what it could be and it’s Logan sneezing!

She then wipes her nose on the back of her sleeve.

Embarrassed? Me? At that moment I could quite happily have crawled back into the sock drawer on my own.

But, no one seemed to care and the show went on…

…Punken Gothic…

…I can’t remember what sort of Gothic…



“Alas poor Gothic … oh hell, I’ve lost the bloody skull”

… And finally …

The Finale.

But wait, what’s that big gap at the front?

Where’s Lieffiie?

She’s demonstrating Classic Crashtard Gothic and can’t get back for the Finale )-:

Shortly after this the show finishes and the organisers and graduates come down from the stage to mingle with the audience.

And Virginal Human Sacrifice Gothic tiptoes quietly out the back door.

EOE Androgynous Style

Scary Judge must have been on a bender last night, she’d fallen asleep in her chair before the show started.

None of the other judges had arrived and Roe was looking terrified because she would have to wake her up.

With a cigarette on her lip and ninja eyelashes, Boss Judge didn’t look like she would be scared of anyone.

Assistant with a neat quiff.

The models had to do an androgynous style this week.
I’m not going to do my customary commentary this time, suffice to say that there were a lot of men’s shoes and big boots and spiky hair and ties… and some of the outfits were pretty wacky.

I’m just gonna show the photos (-:









This is my friend Lieffiie Ruby looking well-hard.