These are the winners of the VKC Easter Egg Hunt.  These are the really smart people that solved all the clues, found all the eggs and worked out the phrase correctly.

They won the amazing LogSpark Dog Race System and a Fat Pack of LogSpark Dog Baths.

Blu Sparkle awarding the prizes to Aljx Shelman

Logan and me presenting the prizes to Sandy Kiranov.


The slogan was…

“VKC Dogs are intelligent, natural, alive and an avatar’s best friend.”

Project FUR Japan

Back on the topic of fund raising for Japan, this is the VKC’s site at Project Fur Japan (good work Aztek) which is raising funds for the animals caught up in the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. Enrico has re-released the Polar Bear and the Penguin for the duration of the event and he is donating all the proceeds from the sales of dogs in all the parks to the cause this week. The donations from the dog sales finish Saturday 9 April 2011, but the VKC Polar Bears and VKC Penguins are available for the rest of the month.

Project Fur Japan is being run by Blazin Aubret, Sanura Snowpaw and Tristan Careless. The creators who are selling their things at this event are donating 100% of their sales to the cause.   Please come and visit the sim.  I think this is a great cause, it is important to look out for the animals and the pets too and I like to think that if something bad happened to me, people would rally round and look after Logan so that she wouldn’t go short of a bag of chips and a cup of tea here and there and a sack of straw to sleep on.

In this photo you can see a glimpse of the aisles of vendors and get an idea of the scale of the event. The sim is quite often very busy and you might have to be patient to get it. But all those hundreds of visitors can’t be wrong.

If you look really hard, lean forward and squint a bit maybe, you can see Enrico Genosse himself in this photo. He is sitting in front of the dog house on the left, taking a short break after inspecting the display.

On the right side, next to the bog dog house where Icicle the Polar Bear has been sleeping, you can see the two special project fur items by Vavoom! Chiva adapted these specially for Projedt Fur.

There is a limited edition Fuzzbee Toy which your avatard can actually throw for the dog (it’s like this one, but with a Rising Sun theme instead) and there is a limited edition donut bed, also with the rising sun theme. These are available all month and the proceeds go to the charity. Vavoom! has also pledged to give the money from all her sales for the week to PFJ too, so visit a Vavoom! Store and get something new for your VKC Dog!

Logan’s store (which she insists on calling Sandry’s) is also represented at PFJ. Logan and I were inspecting the display where Tweety is in charge as usual and we noticed that the girl next door (AzaliaTsutsuji Bosatsu of {PHRESH}) was selling little birds that sit on your hand. Cool (-:

It’s a bit of a maze at the Project FUR sim and Logan and I soon got lost. So we staggered around for a bit and it wasn’t long before we found…

Blu had been there too to donate some things from the LogSpark Store.

…and Lail had been here with furniture, the sweat lodge and the VKC Dog necklaces (that’s necklaces for avatars not for dogs, just in case you were confused) and her cool new logo for La’Core, which is sort of like hard core but more comfortable and girly. Actually, now you come to mention it, it’s not like hard core at all really.

Just when we thought it was all over, we staggered around another corner and found that Hosanna had been here too with the new dog house from the Perky Puppy store. I read Hosanna’s literature about the house, she says:

“This dog house by QBMM Enterprises takes its form from an outbuilding to the northeast of the Wada house in Shiragawa, Japan. This outbuilding is a kura (倉 or 蔵), or traditional Japanese storehouse that was used to store valuables. What more fitting building could there be to house your precious pet?”

Perhaps I should get one of these to keep Logan in.


Finally, we found ourselves back at the VKC stand again where Chiva Vavoom had just popped in to say hello. We had been gone so long that the big brown dog house had been demolished and replaced with Hosanna’s new one by the time we got back!

Tone Plays Again

Day two of the Virtual Kennel Club Anniversary Celebrations and Tone Uriza was back for another gig.

A Tone’s-eye view of the dancers and audience.

Dad dancing with Blu.

Logan dancing with Rico – you know, it’s pretty hard to make her do all that fancy footwork… and not knock anyone else over.

Punky Solo, strutting her stuff.

Eve Compton, groovin’

Change Partners …Logan dances with Dad

… Blu dances with Rico.

…and Niju Zarco continues to shake his thang.

Pepper adores Tone.

The Tonettes came armed with rulers and left Tone all a quiver.

Widget’s Launch Party

So today was Widget’s Launch Party


Widget was wondering what all the fuss was about


and wondering why there were so many people there



There being a lot of people there, some of them were all grey…


everything was going slowly and Dad got stuck in a yay.


Rico got stuck in a smile. But that’s OK, if I could make those dogs I’d be grinning from ear to ear too.


And Dad got abducted by aliens who examined him erm… thoroughly and sent him back with a new shape and a new grey suit.

Me and Logan didn’t stay long, we left so that other people could come into the sim. Even though it was very crowded, it sounds like everyone had a good time.

Isle of Dogs

You know that place that I said I wasn’t allowed to talk about and take pictures of? (Not the one with the dancing girls and the poles, the other one, you know… the secret one?) Well, now it is not a secret.


First came the announcement from Enrico…

…me and Logan then made another one for the people on Turing Isle in the Dog Park so they would know to come too. (Actually we made that one just because we can. Logan likes sending messages to the estate and she likes hollering. Simple pleasures, eh?)

So then you press OK and you go out through the Vavoom! store and get onto the bridge, and go slowly so that you don’t fall into the water between the sims.

and oh… who’s this? It’s Dad wandering around aimlessly. He looks like a bloody tourist.

Meanwhile up in the new Plaza…

Rico is waiting for the people to come and looking apprehensive…

…Blu is busy making a few last minute adjustments…

and on the little deck by the waterside, the gulls are waiting for someone to come and feed them. But, it won’t be me I can tell you, the last time I got near the gulls, one of them stole my chips. I’m not having that happen again, chips I can bear but I don’t wanna lose a Frankenbabyburger to them. They just gobble up anything in sight, so they wouldn’t appreciate good quality fare like that. Continue reading