Chat Show Celebretard (Part I)

Logan is going to be on the Designing Worlds show on Treet.TV with the Lindens talking about Pathfinding dogs.
I hope she doesn’t fallover or crash into anyone because that’s always so embarrassing.


Here I am with Saffia Widdershins and Elrik Merlin who present the show. Elrik and I talked about codecs and camera angles. Logan tried to look smart and pretended to understand.


This is the page on the Designing Worlds web site advertising the show. You can see Tango and Horatio at the Isle of Dogs where we filmed a segment of the show.

Rocky Loves Lucy

You’ve heard me mention my Aunt Lucy before. She’s a bit of a slacker. No wait…. make that a lot of a slacker! I can say that quite safely, without fear of rebuke because she is far too lazy to come here and read my blog.  But lazy or not, her dog Rocky loves her. He spends hours trying to get her attention.

“Come on Lucy! Pleeeeeeeease play with me! I’ll give you my biggest, bestest bone!”

Dog House

One Prim Dog House

Logan made a one-prim Dog House.

“COOL!” I said, “We can make a script like Vavoom’s to go in it”
“I made that too!” said Logan

I think we should have left this to the experts.

Humbug’s Gullfriends

Logan and I went to Hippotropolis to test the pathfinding on Oz’s sim.
Humbug was lining up a raid on the gulls.

I think he thought he thought the flock would all fly away when he ran out from his hiding place. But Oz’s gulls have seen it all before and took no notice of him.