Archive Diving I

I’ve been digging in Logan’s external hard drive and I found some old, old photos from when Turing Isle and the VKC were very much younger.


As far as I know, this is the first ever Virtual Kennel Club Training Class. 12 January 2007.
Back in the day, they were hosted by Enrico Genosse himself and you had to pay L$300 to attend.


April 2007 saw a visit from Max Headroom.
Max Headroom: Dorothy g-g-g-g-gooood
Dorothy: g-g-g-g-gooood?
Dorothy gets up and walks away


Dorothy, Webster and Hannah with the original VKC Bunny outside Tracee Seelowe’s first Turing Ilse store.


Hell meets Wiley. November 2007


Got any Dalmatians?
Aaaahhhhhhaaaaaahhaaaaahhhhhaaaahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa !!


Turing Isle Parcel Six, sometime in mid 2007.
Karys, this is where you live!
And look behind, the brown house is where Vlad’s store is now, and the yellow one is now the Vavoom! store.

All Fired Up

This entry should be filed under the Rosanna Cam rather than the Millercam because it was sent by my good friend Rosanna Himmel who spotted this person (probably a relation of Vivi) in the park getting all fired up about the Virtual Kennel Club dogs.

Notice how even Turesa, who normally thinks nothing of running up and goosing anything with a pulse, is keeping a safe distance.

Archive Diving

I went diving in Logan’s archives again and I found this!

It is a Dalek, sitting in a chair, waiting to be transported to the voting booth for the Virtual Kennel Club’s Breed Election at Turing Isle in Second Life.

Erm…. yes, I think that just about covers it.

Durostore Fire

I do not know the whole of this story, and I may not understand all of this correctly yet. But apparently, about a year before I was born, Blu and Logan did some work for the DuroSport Electronics Company in Jarang.  Blu and Logan did a lot of work on the Prism DuroSport SL-6001VRMP.  “The most unique media player in all of Second Life.”

I am not completely clear what LogSpark did in this venture and what they did not, but it looks like someone hired dancing girls, which is always good.

But I am a bit worried about the fat bald bloke with the cigar and the things I have heard and read about him: bad cough, fascination with ‘the law suiting’, and total inability to spell anyone’s name correctly.

It seems that trouble follows them wherever they go and I hear that this protest sign was just the beginning in Jarang.


I hacked into raided borrowed some photos from Logan’s collections and found these:

Vladimir Concescu, Chief Product Engineer.This is his Second Life Avatard (sic) his real life photo is even more scary than the fat bloke’s.

A rare (2007 era) photo of Blu, Ebi and Logan

An even rarer photo of Madmann Legend who disappeared shortly after the completion of the project. Foul play is suspected.

This is the photo of the fire itself, it was taken by the security cameras and sent to Logan by one of the proprietors. We are all very sad to hear about Otto.

Finally, you had better see the video that Nero Rang posted to youtube of the fire, he also posted about it in the DuroSport Insider blog.