About Miller


It is ME! It is Me!

I am Miller!

I am Miller!

My full name is Miller Wrox and I am a Drakelet – that’s like a small Dragon to you. And don’t be fooled because I don’t look very big, I’ll still flame your ass. Cos I am a Dragon, geddit?

I am here in Second Life with my shoulder pet Logan. Some people seem to get quite confused abount which one of us is which. I am the one watching you from Logan’s shoulder. Don’t get too hung up on her, she is not especially important*, I just ride on her shoulder and help her to do things in SL. It’s a fair trade,  I mean, everyone needs a shoulder for riding on, do you know what I mean?

So here I am, observing Second Life and helping to make sure that Logan doesn’t screw it up too badly. But mostly that job is done by Blu, who is more sensible than Logan. Sometimes I also help Logan to make films, she makes better films when I am the director.

I also have pages on My Space and Facebook but they are a bit rubbish, I don’t use them much, I like this  site much better.

*neither is she especially good looking, rich or intelligent.  There was some bloke that did ask her out once, but he was a bit of a moose anyway.