On a good day

al the way to IoD…when the skies are clear, you can see all the way to IoD.  I’m sure that’s not meant to happen.

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cyclops at truth hair 01

I’ve been to Truth Hair many times over the years with Blu and Logan and I’ve seen some ugly birds there looking for hair. I mean, I’ve seen some that are ugly with a vengeance and some that are ugly and stupid  and some that have been beaten with an ugly stick. But I hadn’t seen nothing until the day that Cyclops came to get a new hair do.

cyclops at truth hair 02   BLIMEY!

cyclops at truth hair 03“What does a girl have to do to get some service in here?” she bellowed.
Everyone went quiet and it fell to me to tell her that it is self service. But Logan had clamped both hands over my mouth and I could say was “Grmmmffff, hrrrghh”.

cyclops at truth hair 04I feared for a moment that I had inadvertently said something crass in Cyclopian, because let’s face it, I’ve said something crass in most other languages. Cyclops swept the room with a long, hard, stare as Logan and I inched towards the door. Finally her gaze found the two stupid girls from the trailer park who had exclaimed “Christ! Will you look at her ******’ underbite!”. I’ll miss Sharon and Tracee, they were always good for a double flame grilled mystery offal burger with extra large fries and a lard dip when I parked the burger van outside their park. It’ll probably take Truth years to get the bloodstain out of the floorboards.

cyclops at truth hair 05Just look at those hands! You wouldn’t stand a chance. And is that a bracelet or did she just break out of somewhere?
If you enlarge the photo, you can just make out Logan and me, inching in the background.

cyclops at truth hair 06Logan and I finally made it to the door, breathing a sigh of relief and mopping a bead of sweat from each other’s brow, we sent her an LM for the big girls’ shoe shop as we left.

Driving Miss Canis

driving miss canisA few days after our failure to make off with the Citroen DS, Logan and I were fortunate enough to get one of our own. Here we are, along with Rosanna and Miss Canis, rapidly going …nowhere at all.

Petty Theft Auto – FAIL


After being goosed and grossed out at the PWA*,  Logan and I went exploring on an Island near the Isle of Dogs where we found this great car.


“Oh Wow! That’s a Citroen DS” said Logan, as she jumped into the driver’s seat. “Let’s take it for a spin!”


After a few minutes of nothing really happening, I decided to intervene. “Try that lever, Logan”, I suggested.

car_theft_fail_03Logan faffed around with the controls for a while longer, but the car didn’t even start, much less move.



* Perverts Welcome Area. That’s both in the sense of the Welcome Area for the perverts and in the sense of all perverts are welcome here.

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A nearby location…

login_hellWe had a bit of bother logging in today when the Isle of Dogs was down.
We found ourselves in a Perv-hub in Zindra.
Logan couldn’t get the teleport escape thing to work and we were stuck there.
Those people should keep their hands to themselves.
Some of them grabbed me in places I didn’t even know I had.

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Prize Draw

VKC Yorkie prize draw

We gathered at Canis Beach in the Dog Park (while Lil was napping) to draw the winnards for the VKC “Guess the next breed competition”. Rosanna had a magic hat that drew names out of the competition datasbase. There was a lot of cheering and even more drum rolling.

I can remember that the new breed is the Yorkshire Terrier, but I had a few beers afterwards and I can’t remember any of the winners.

A Little Hoarse

 lilwitch allen - a little hoarse

LilWitch had been a little under the Weather. Logan and I went to visit her at the beach.

Miller: Logan?
Logan:  Yes, Miller?
Miller: Don’t make LilWitch talk too much, OK?
Logan: Oh, OK. Why not Miller?
Miller: It makes her a little Hoarse!

Aaaahhhhhhaaaaaahhaaaaahhhhhaaaahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa !!

lilwitch allen - a little horse