A Little Hoarse

 lilwitch allen - a little hoarse

LilWitch had been a little under the Weather. Logan and I went to visit her at the beach.

Miller: Logan?
Logan:  Yes, Miller?
Miller: Don’t make LilWitch talk too much, OK?
Logan: Oh, OK. Why not Miller?
Miller: It makes her a little Hoarse!

Aaaahhhhhhaaaaaahhaaaaahhhhhaaaahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa !!

lilwitch allen - a little horse

Talking Horse

This is Blu and Logan’s friend Dreamer Hawker. She’s a talking horse.  She lives in a paddock with a little stable on Turing Isle II. She’s very friendly but Logan says you have to be careful when she turns round quickly because it really hurts when she steps on your toes.

When she’s in a really good mood, sometimes she let you ride her. This is Lail riding around on Dreamer. Logan and I rode on her once too, but Logan, the retard, lost the photos.

Born in a Barn

You will no doubt recall that Dad was letting his horse live in the house.  Well, it wasn’t long before he got busted by Blu and she threw him (and the horse he rode in on) out to live in a barn.

Logan and I let ourselves in for a nose around and made ourselves comfy on the couch. It’s really quite cozy. We might throw him out and live here ourselves.