Send Him A Train

Logan and I were listening to a play on the radio about a barrister called Birkett from way back in 1925. In the opening scene this really posh old bird arrives at night and demands of the Clerk to bet let in to see Sir Edward (Birkett’s boss). The dialogue goes something like this:

Clerk: Hello?  Hello?  …anybody there?

Lady Caernarvon: Good Evening

Clerk: Can I help you madam?

Lady Caernarvon: Sir Edward Marshall Hall?

Clerk: No, I’m afraid…. Well, you see normally we don’t receive visitors after nine o’clock, especially  visitors who just let themselves in the front door.

Lady Caernarvon:It is of the utmost emergency that I speak to Sir Edward Marshall Hall

Clerk: I’m ever so sorry but Sir Edward isn’t here, Mrs errr?

Lady Caernarvon:I am Amlina Countess of Caernarvon

Clerk: Oh… oh… err …oh please…. sit dowm. LEt me errr… you see I’m Edgar, I’m the Clerk, you see, there’s nobody else here.

Lady Caernarvon:Well I am sure Sir Edward would have no objection if you were to telephone him.

Clerk: No, he’s in Manchester.

Lady Caernarvon:I must see him. I was told he is the best.  He is the best?

Clerk: Oh he’s the best yes… only he’s… he’s in Manchester.

Lady Caernarvon:Then he must return from Manchester. Shall I send a train?



Aaaahhhhhhaaaaaahhaaaaahhhhhaaaahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa !!

What, from Marketplace?
Why don’t you just send him a Teleport?

Logan says I’m missing the point and if you were really posh in 1925, perhaps you could send someone a train.
But I still don’t see how you’d get it round their house, unless they lived at a station.


Arrogant Germs

Arrogant Germ: is easy i am build ower 1 year in sl
Arrogant Germ: xD
Logan: well, one year. wow, you must know everything
Logan: i have been here 2½, but i am a girl. therefore nothing like as smart as you.

I don’t think he understood.

Aaaahhhhhhaaaaaahhaaaaahhhhhaaaahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa !!