Project FUR Japan

Back on the topic of fund raising for Japan, this is the VKC’s site at Project Fur Japan (good work Aztek) which is raising funds for the animals caught up in the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. Enrico has re-released the Polar Bear and the Penguin for the duration of the event and he is donating all the proceeds from the sales of dogs in all the parks to the cause this week. The donations from the dog sales finish Saturday 9 April 2011, but the VKC Polar Bears and VKC Penguins are available for the rest of the month.

Project Fur Japan is being run by Blazin Aubret, Sanura Snowpaw and Tristan Careless. The creators who are selling their things at this event are donating 100% of their sales to the cause.   Please come and visit the sim.  I think this is a great cause, it is important to look out for the animals and the pets too and I like to think that if something bad happened to me, people would rally round and look after Logan so that she wouldn’t go short of a bag of chips and a cup of tea here and there and a sack of straw to sleep on.

In this photo you can see a glimpse of the aisles of vendors and get an idea of the scale of the event. The sim is quite often very busy and you might have to be patient to get it. But all those hundreds of visitors can’t be wrong.

If you look really hard, lean forward and squint a bit maybe, you can see Enrico Genosse himself in this photo. He is sitting in front of the dog house on the left, taking a short break after inspecting the display.

On the right side, next to the bog dog house where Icicle the Polar Bear has been sleeping, you can see the two special project fur items by Vavoom! Chiva adapted these specially for Projedt Fur.

There is a limited edition Fuzzbee Toy which your avatard can actually throw for the dog (it’s like this one, but with a Rising Sun theme instead) and there is a limited edition donut bed, also with the rising sun theme. These are available all month and the proceeds go to the charity. Vavoom! has also pledged to give the money from all her sales for the week to PFJ too, so visit a Vavoom! Store and get something new for your VKC Dog!

Logan’s store (which she insists on calling Sandry’s) is also represented at PFJ. Logan and I were inspecting the display where Tweety is in charge as usual and we noticed that the girl next door (AzaliaTsutsuji Bosatsu of {PHRESH}) was selling little birds that sit on your hand. Cool (-:

It’s a bit of a maze at the Project FUR sim and Logan and I soon got lost. So we staggered around for a bit and it wasn’t long before we found…

Blu had been there too to donate some things from the LogSpark Store.

…and Lail had been here with furniture, the sweat lodge and the VKC Dog necklaces (that’s necklaces for avatars not for dogs, just in case you were confused) and her cool new logo for La’Core, which is sort of like hard core but more comfortable and girly. Actually, now you come to mention it, it’s not like hard core at all really.

Just when we thought it was all over, we staggered around another corner and found that Hosanna had been here too with the new dog house from the Perky Puppy store. I read Hosanna’s literature about the house, she says:

“This dog house by QBMM Enterprises takes its form from an outbuilding to the northeast of the Wada house in Shiragawa, Japan. This outbuilding is a kura (倉 or 蔵), or traditional Japanese storehouse that was used to store valuables. What more fitting building could there be to house your precious pet?”

Perhaps I should get one of these to keep Logan in.


Finally, we found ourselves back at the VKC stand again where Chiva Vavoom had just popped in to say hello. We had been gone so long that the big brown dog house had been demolished and replaced with Hosanna’s new one by the time we got back!

Wellington Road

Blu, Ebi Me and Logan went to the Butterfly shop in a little mall just off Wellington Road. When we’d got the butterflies Blu went off shopping elsewhere but Ebi, Me and Logan went on a little road trip…

Logan flagged down a yellow cab and hopped in, only to find that it was driverless. So we clambered into the front seat and took the wheel while Ebi strapped himself carefully into the back seat.

We abandoned the cab at the first rest stop because the GPS kept asking “are we there yet?” When we got out of the car, the autopilot asked for a tip. “Dammit!” I told him, “Logan was driving, you should bladdy tip her.” But he just drove off.

The Kuik Services is an odd place.
They keep the men and women separate.
They are very proud of their ancient Japanese gate-thing monument.
The have hammocks for people to sleep in.
They serve beer
…and scampi and chips in a basket.
We tried not to think about the sheep.

We left the Rest Area a little later by bus, with Logan at the wheel again.

I appear to have my eyes closed in this photo which might mean that there was something terrifying about to happen. But if you look in the back ground, Ebi doesn’t look too scared so perhaps I was just stifling a sneeze or something.

Here’s a shot from the back of the bus. Enlarge the image and check out the commercials (-:

And here’s the bus drivers view as we cross the bridge.

We drove for hours, all through the night even.

But shortly after dawn Logan succumbed to driver fatigue…
and lunched the bus on a straight and quiet stretch of road.
Ebi flies in to try to help, but it’s no good.
Bus Bad.


Dennimore Golf and Park

Blu and Logan have a friend called Roe Woodford who today opened her new sim and sent an invite for everyone to come and visit…


Blu, Logan, Roe, Dad, Alex


…oooops, I almost forgot Coco (-:


So then Roe fetched the golf cart and we all leapt about to go on a little tour…

Logan and I are looking kinda worried as Roe carefully negotiates the dancers, but Alex is looking very chilled.

A few minutes later we are even more worried as she tries to throw us all into the lake…

…but it’s OK, she wasn’t going to drown us, she just wanted us to have a good view of the baby ducks…

…and the embarrassed duck.


Just when we were starting to relax and enjoy the ride, we find out that the golf cart can FLY! Now we’re more worried than ever…

Thankfully, it’s a short flight with a safe landing, and I breathe a long sigh of relief as Roe abandons the cart by the club house and walks away…

My relief is, however, short lived as Blu jumps into the driver’s seat and Logan jumps in beside her…

Cazaluff is riding shotgun as we charge across the little bridges with reckless abandon.


We spot a long abandoned golf cart in the woods. There is no sign of the driver or passengers. I guess the bears even ate their bones.


And we wish Karys was here to help us push the cart up the steep slope…


Before Blu takes us back to the garage and slings the golf cart tyres-a-screaming into the parking bay in a very deft manoeuvre to rival Elwood’s driving.


Finally we go back to the Clubhouse where Logan has a couple of Tequila’s and passes out on the table whilst Blu and Alex torment me singing and doing the La-La-La-Laaaaaa Dance.


Then they meet up with Dad and do a whole bottle of Tequila before they all pass out on the table.

Thanks for having us Roe, it was a grand day out (-:

The Orange Box Shop


Karys_orange_box_store-welcometo the Grand Opening

Karys_orange_box_store-grand_openingof the Orange Box Store!


Guess what they sell…?

Karys_orange_box_store-different_sizesThey have them in all different sizes…

Karys_orange_box_store-different_shapes…and they have them in different shapes…

Karys_orange_box_store-orange_box_lamps…they have Orange Box lamps…

Karys_orange_box_store-orange_box_dog_toysand they have Orange Box Toys for VKC Dogs!

…and check this out…

Karys_orange_box_store-orange_box_petsThey even have Orange Box Pets that will gaze adoringly into your eyes as you sit together on a park bench in the sun.

Bliss (-:

So don’t forget folks, Karys Aarde’s Orange Box Store at Turing Isle, it’ll be in the big dogs’ blogs soon, but you read about it here first.

Views from Isle of Dogs

I am practising my moody photography. This is the new Windmill and Water Tower that Blu brought to the Isle of Dogs.

I am sure you all know this, but just in case you are still living under a stone, or on a beach or somewhere, the Isle of Dogs is the Virtual Kennel Club’s three-sim Dog Park, next to the two Turing Isles. In the background you can see the lovely Turing Isle II where you can buy or rent a place for you and your dogs to live.

The Water Tower and Windmill are made by Alir Flow. If you want one, you can get them from: Alirium Gardens.

Isle of Dogs is owned by Enrico Genosse and was built by Blu Sparkle. If you want one you’ll probably need to stump up a lot of cash. See Blu. (-:

Exploring with Austin

Logan and I were out on the job with Austin, looking at the NHS educational Sims in Second Life. But Austin fell asleep in a wine bar, so me and Logan went exploring on our own.

Here we are checking the MillerMail in an internet cafe.

Then we took the bus to the pizza place and had lunch. Logan has appalling taste in pizza, cheese and olives and tomato and crap like that. I ordered road kill but had to settle for pepperoni. Oddly enough (or not as the case may be) you can hardly tell them apart.

After lunch we went for a wander around and we found a guy that had been run over by a truck

…and the truck had crashed into the fence…

…and was about to be asploded…

I was just getting onto the Miller phone to call for an ambulance when I realised that it was a roleplay for the hospital people and the emergency people. The bloke on the sidewalk wasn’t really dead (‘cos the guy driving the truck wasn’t going fast enough to kill him). He was only pretending to have sustained massive injuries, to his body and his head so that the nurses would go for could tend to him. He was doing a good job of it though, I reckon that if he kept it up, people would feel sorry for him and impressionable women would fawn over him and want to marry him and all sorts of crazy behaviour.


Logan and I got hungry again so we nipped down to the corner shop and got some crisps and a can of beer and stumbled off to the tube station.

Down in the Tube station at midnight half past four in the afternoon. (Doesn’t really have the same ring to it does it?)

We missed the first train my moments so we stood and waited for the next one and tried not to look at this sign, for we remember well what became of poor Da5id. He wasn’t putting it on.

Building Exercises

Logan and Austin’s students came to the University Island to build some SL things and get some practice in so that they will be able to display great skill in the building of Machinima sets.

What was once a quiet and peaceful island was suddenly covered in….. stuff!

Stuff… on the ground… and in the sky

The chess players built a shanty town in the north west

and they imported pink cars

I always thought chess pieces were meant to be small, but perhaps I was wrong. The people that made this go to a university and they are getting a lot betterer education than wot I did, so presumably they know all about the relative proportions of cars in relation to chessmen, and I do not.

This person is building a night club

…on goes the roof and…

Blimey! I don’t want to be rude, but your club’s a bit of a nightmare innit? It hurts my eyes.

This enterprising person built a house and parked their spaceship on the deck.

Austin found a shed that he fancied for his garden…

…and went in and made himself right at home

He does this a lot.

Windfarm. I think this is a comment about Austin’s Lectures.

This one is my favourite. It’s called Dan’s Church and Diner.

I took Blu and Rico to see it too. But the neighbourhood was already going downhill by then.

I ate there every night for a week. They did a rockin’ roadkill grill.

It’s a shame that it’s not there now. I guess it’s Easy Come Easy Go, in the Church n Diner business.

Finally… there is this guy…

I fear that there is really nothing that even I can say about this.


As often happens, Dad had to go to see a Lady about a dog, and

As often happens, Dad got into a bit of a muddle, and

As often happens, I had to go help him out.

So I rounded up Logan and we teleported to the Lady’s island to take a look.

Now, I don’t mind telling you that I was a bit worried when I saw this place, I mean, we heard the stories in school about the sort of people that live in castles and about how they distress their damsels and worse still how they then blame it on the dragons and give them a lot of grief about it. I’m glad that Logan doesn’t celebrate St. George’s Day, ‘cos I’ve read about that guy, and he was the worst of them all. To be honest, I find any celebration of that sort of behaviour, really rather disturbing.

So anyway, we walk up to the entrance and we wait for the drawbridge to come down. I was still wondering about how all this might turn out, but Dad needed my help. If he needed me to rescue him from the castle, then I had to be brave.

Eventually the drawbridge comes down and I take a deep breath, we start to walk across and I wonder if the Port Cullis will fall down on my head.

Finally we get inside and maaaan, this place is BIG. I could be lost in here for weeks! Or I could have been thrown into the dungeons and tortured and I no one would ever know. I bet there’s not very good cellphone coverage out here. And look at this…

I coulda been bombarded with rocks before I had even got to ring the door bell.

But, all my fears were unfounded, just listen to what the nice lady said:

Mar Shilova: hola

Mar Shilova: que dragon mas precioso!

Mar’s translator: that most beautiful dragon!

Mar Shilova: me encanta!

Miller: i am BEAUTIFUL!

Mar’s translator: I love it!


I am BEAUTIFUL! See? Cazaluff, you see? “Most beautiful dragon!”

That is ME!

Aaaahhhhhhaaaaaahhaaaaahhhhhaaaahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa !!