Prize Draw

VKC Yorkie prize draw

We gathered at Canis Beach in the Dog Park (while Lil was napping) to draw the winnards for the VKC “Guess the next breed competition”. Rosanna had a magic hat that drew names out of the competition datasbase. There was a lot of cheering and even more drum rolling.

I can remember that the new breed is the Yorkshire Terrier, but I had a few beers afterwards and I can’t remember any of the winners.

Old English Mountain Dog


Oh, I know what you’re thinking: “That’s not very high up


He just took it with a racy camera angle to make it look high. It’s probably about six inches off the ground like when they film those terrifying clinging to the window ledge of the skyscraper scenes in a thriller.


Well, you’re wrong. (-:
That’s Pepper, the Old English Mountain Dog.
I don’t think she knows how to get back down.

VKC Puppies


Enrico released the puppies. Here they are in the Puppy Pen at Canis Beach Dog Park checking out me and Logan.


Meanwhile, back at the Puppy Pen at Turing Isle, the puppies meet a tiger.”Blimey mate,” says the Alder puppy, “what sort of a dog are you?”
“He’s an orange stripey one, dopey!” says the Cedar puppy, rolling around laughing at her joke.

Archie meets Otis

You probably remember Archie from one of my previous posts. Today he met Otis who is Logan’s VKC Cat.


Otis gives Archie the once over.
Robbie and Rocky the Widgets look a little worried.


“Hey Otis! Look, ” says Archie, “I can scratch my ear and stick my tongue out at the same time! Can you do that?”

Otis looks the other way and pretends to ignore him. “Dude, you have no idea all what I can do.”

Horatio’s Mum

horatios mum 01

Excuse me, are you my Mum?

horatios mum 02

“Let’s have a look at you. Yes, I believe I am.  You shouldn’t eat all that candy cane though, it’ll rot your teeth.”

“It’s OK Mum, it’s made of wool, like your fish!”horatios mum 03

He’s pretty good old David Attenborough, I’m a big fan. But he’s never captured the reunion of a virtual polar bear and her cub on a private island with fanatasy plants.
At least, not so far as I know  (-: