Logan and Blu and Ebi bought the Terra Z Personal Transport, it’s a sort of a scooter thing that you stand on and ride around. So far it seems to be a lot safer than Logan’s flying, provide of course that she doesn’t use  the boost thing that makes it go FAST. Here are Blu and Ebi and Logan outside Abbotts Aerodrome on their Zs

I was thinking that Logan could fly me to the moon on hers…

…are we there yet?


We went to this house which is built on sticks in the water to look at the Moon. They told me that the house is completely safe and it won’t sink or get hit by an oil tanker… but the people doing the telling are the same people that do the falling off the chair from 700 metres thing, so I’m suspicious, innit. Anywhere here’s the house and the Moon, I like them they are cool.

Ebi Ebi\'s Magical Dojo in Turing Isle in Second Life

Logan doing some yogart or something at the Ebi Ebi Dojo on Turing Isle

Logan did yogart or something, I dunno what that was about, I was too busy admiring the Moon.