All the old families have one…

…a mad woman in the attic that is.

Rosanna found Laney555 standing alone in the attic in the big house on Turing Isle II. She says:

“And this one is of a visitor at the abandoned house next door to me. Poor girl. Somebody must’ve misdirected her to the bus stop. It’s not a particularly good place to wait for the bus. Ennui, apparently taking its toll, had forced her into a catatonic state. She was totally unresponsive when I talked to her. I’ll bet she was late for work.”

I suspect it was Keiichi’s fault.

Fashion Show

I recently found these photos in the Miller Archive, they were taken back in June at the Miss Essence of Ebony Pageant. They show some of the things you don’t notice when you’re just in the audience gaping at the models.


“Can all y’all at the back please sit down and shut up so we can get started?”
If you’re the boss of all the models, you need to be able to shout.

“Blimey! I’m stuck in a cake!”
Being a true professional, she just strikes a pose as the cameras whirl and people applaud.

Meanwhile, down in the audience….

“Ooooooooh, I wanna scratch her eyes out!”

“OMG! That girl just leapt onto the stage and tried to scratch the model’s eyes out!”

With thanks to Hosanna for the photos (-:



Paula and Allie’s Wedding

My old mate Paula Chunes got married to Allie Lazuli today. Unfortunately I couldn’t be at the wedding, so I don’t have a great big heap of photos to show you. This is the moment (captured by Hosanna) where Paula and Allie made their vows.

“Yes Mate, I’ll share all my Frankenbaby Burgers and Tinnies with you for evermore.” *

Wedding photos by Hosanna here.

* Traditional Australian Wedding Vow.

Eve and Rich Tie the Knot

Eve Compton and Richd Tomsen have been partners for ages, recently they decided to make it official, or legal, or whatever it is. They found a vicar willing to take an affordable bribe perform the ceremony and we were all invited to the church and then to the knees up, bender reception afterwards.

You remember how at Lil’s wedding the bride groom had a whole gang of best men? Well Eve had an even bigger gang of bridesmaids. They were all gathered in a little tent, making the final adjustments to the plan of attack to their outfits.

When the bridesmaids came into the church, they had to skate down the aisle.

They were expected to display their prowess on ice skates and gain sufficient speed on their run up the nave to be able to slide to a halt and spray the vicar with ice chips.
Of course if you could see the heap of arms and legs behind the camera, you’d know that things don’t always go according to plan.

Meanwhile Eve is making her way from the tent to the Church.
“‘Urry up Evie,” says Tanya, “else it’ll all be over by the time we get there.”

Back in the Church the little birds are hopping around in the transept and bathing in the font…

…and climbing all over St Francis.
Someone will probably have to clean him up later.
After a while makes it into the Church, leaps over the heap of bridesmaids and slides to a halt at the alter beside Rich, who is looking a little grey, probably just the worry.

Eve and Rich then exchange vows:

“I pledge to you that yours will be the name I cry out in the middle of the night, and yours will be the eyes I look into in the morning.  I pledge to you the first drink of my cola and the first bite of my burger.”

And the Vicar pronounces them husband and wife.

Shortly after that the Millercam batteries ran out and I couldn’t take any more photos, so I left Rosanna in charge while Logan and I popped down the corner shop to get some more. The remainder of the photos were taken by Rosanna.

Eve and Rich had the first dance together as man and wife.

And then everyone got out on the dance floor with them.

After everyone had been dancing for a bit they’d worked up a bit of an appetite, so it was time for the cake.

Look out Rich! She’s got a knife!

The bears and dogs all take cover in the Bear Lair and keep their heads down.

But there’s nothing to worry about. Rich clearly has plenty of experience and knows exactly what to do, which in this case, is rez a box to stand on and help Evie cut the cake.

Later, after everyone has eaten and danced and had loads to drink, Rich discreetly makes sure that Eve is holding the bouquet (and not the knife) as she throws it back over her shoulder to be caught by one of the bridesmaids.

Thanks for having us Eve and Rich.
We hope you’ll be very happy (-:


Many thanks to Hosanna for taking photos, you can see her whole set on flickr.