Petty Theft Auto – FAIL


After being goosed and grossed out at the PWA*,  Logan and I went exploring on an Island near the Isle of Dogs where we found this great car.


“Oh Wow! That’s a Citroen DS” said Logan, as she jumped into the driver’s seat. “Let’s take it for a spin!”


After a few minutes of nothing really happening, I decided to intervene. “Try that lever, Logan”, I suggested.

car_theft_fail_03Logan faffed around with the controls for a while longer, but the car didn’t even start, much less move.



* Perverts Welcome Area. That’s both in the sense of the Welcome Area for the perverts and in the sense of all perverts are welcome here.

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Faulty Shoulder Fail


I’m getting a bit fed up with this. If I could remember where I got her from, I’d take her back to the shop and ask for a new one.
Perhaps I should raise a JIRA instead. I could be the first reporter in the SHOULDER-PET-BUG project.

Leg Fail

Do I look angry?

Do I look angry in this photo?
Have a look at the rest of the set to see why.


Never Leave your avatar unattanded is a lesson learned early by many residents.

Sadly Many still fail to heed the lesson.
Actually, that’s not sad at all – it’s well-funny as LilWich ably demonstrates.

She was like this when we found her... honest!

Dog House

One Prim Dog House

Logan made a one-prim Dog House.

“COOL!” I said, “We can make a script like Vavoom’s to go in it”
“I made that too!” said Logan

I think we should have left this to the experts.

Animation Vendard

Dad wanted a new vendor for selling animations.
I said I’d do it and but Logan insisted that she was going to help.

I only turned my back for a moment to phone for a takeaway and this happened.

About ten minutes later, I looked away again when the delivery arrived and Logan did it once more.
I’ll wait until she’s gone to bed next time and do it meself.


Some ******* ******* ********* spotty little runt broke into the LogSpark Server and uploaded a load of spotty boy code for w@****s into our files.  The code was intended to be hidden from me and Logan and to redirect people on iPads to his pr0n site. I think it was a deliberate attack by clowny-boy to distract me from the success of the new cafes, he’s clearly quite worried about it. Well, slime ball, I just wanted to tell you that we got it covered and cleaned up and I also got a shiny new theme (-:

So how’d you like that?

PS. Thank you to Robertus from Turing Breezes for alerting us to the problem and for not looking at the pr0n on his iPad.