The End is Nigh

You know how everyone is always saying that the SL economy has been ruined? And the Lindens don’t care? And the sky is falling? And it will all soon be over? And all that other nonsense they always say?

Well look at this?

I’m worried now too. Even Governor Linden is abandoning her land!

Demented Crouchtard

Logan installed a new viewer so that she could see Mesh and not cry.  But it had a bit of a problem with the crouch pose and it made her look even more demented than the usual crouch pose.

Sweetypie, the Polar Bear Cub is rolling around on the floor laughing but Blu is just off camera saying, “Aye-yi-yi”

But wait… there’s more… just look at the video!

Aaaahhhhhhaaaaaahhaaaaahhhhhaaaahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa !!