A Little Hoarse

 lilwitch allen - a little hoarse

LilWitch had been a little under the Weather. Logan and I went to visit her at the beach.

Miller: Logan?
Logan:  Yes, Miller?
Miller: Don’t make LilWitch talk too much, OK?
Logan: Oh, OK. Why not Miller?
Miller: It makes her a little Hoarse!

Aaaahhhhhhaaaaaahhaaaaahhhhhaaaahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa !!

lilwitch allen - a little horse


Never Leave your avatar unattanded is a lesson learned early by many residents.

Sadly Many still fail to heed the lesson.
Actually, that’s not sad at all – it’s well-funny as LilWich ably demonstrates.

She was like this when we found her... honest!

Your Feets Too Big

Blimey! Look at those FEET! They are ENORMOUS!

What a strange creature walking around on their hands.

I zoomed the Miller-Cam in for a close up.
“OI! No photos sonny!” He said.
“Wait a minute,” I thought, “I recognise that voice.”

It’s Dad!

He got a new job and wore his uniform to the party in the park.

Aaaahhhhhhaaaaaahhaaaaahhhhhaaaahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa !!