Chat Show Celebretard (Part II)

Two days ago we met Saffia and Elrik and filmed the new VKC pathfinding Bloodhound Ruskin and Horatio the Polar Bear Cub at the Isle of Dogs. Today it was time to go to the Designing Worlds studios and film the studio segment where we got to talk on the TV with the Lindens.

VKC on DW 01 - sofa

After the make up girl finished fussing with Logan’s eye liner and blusher and with my hair, we got a good place on the sofa and so did Horatio.

VKC on DW 02 - sofa 2

A bit later on the Lindens arrived, the make up girl ran from the studio shrieking that she couldn’t do a thing with their hair because basically none of them had any. They said they wanted to sit together on the sofa so Logan and I had to move over onto another chair with some really awkward poses that made me cling onto Logan’s shoulder for grim life. It’s a good job she’s used to it.

VKC on DW 03 - saffia widdershins and horatio

Designing Worlds presenter Saffia Widdershins with Horatio.

VKC on DW 04 - elrik merlinDesigning Worlds presenter Elrik Merlin.

VKC on DW 05 - maestro lindenLinden Developer Maestro Linden. He looks a bit like Dad and a lot like Alf Garnett.

VKC on DW 06 - lorca lindenLorca Linden, who doesn’t look like anyone else I know.

VKC on DW 07 - falcon linden Falcon Linden who looks like some bloke in a film I saw, but I don’t remember which one.

VKC on DW 08 - mller wrox and sandry logan

Logan and me!

VKC on DW 09 - watching myself on the tvHahahaaaa! Look at this one!
I’m watching myself on the TV!
How cool is that?

VKC on DW 10 - audienceStudio and audience.

It was a long show and a lot of people (mostly the Lindens) talked a lot…VKC on DW 11 - lindens looking bored…but they got bored when Logan was talking.
“Is it time to go and play on Patterns now?”

VKC on DW 12 - aztek aeon looking boredAztek was also bored…

VKC on DW 13 - lailantie core-amat looking bored

…and Lail…

VKC on DW 14 - lilwitch allen looking bored…and LilWitch too.

You can watch the full show here:
The section with the VKC Dogs and Logan (and me!) is s from about 6 minutes into the show and lasts about 25 minutes.

Photos by Aztek Aeon and Wildstar Beaumont you can see the rest of Wildstar’s photos from the show in his gallery.

Lail’s Lost House

Blu and Logan were at the Dog Park at Hewes sorting out… something, I don’t remember what exactly and I was on the Miller-cam having a bit of a look around at the wonderful chaos that is the mainland. Way out in the distance I spotted a house floating in the air. Nothing remarkable about that you might think and generally speaking, you’d be right. But I happened to notice the owner of the house was a friend of mine who used to have a little place nearby.

Blu and Me and Logan went over for a closer look.

Lailantie Core – this is your house!

Axe Wielding Maniards

They say that axe wielding maniacs look just the same as everyone else. In Second Life, that’s probably more true than anywhere …

Keiichi Ichtama, nonchalantly sports an axe almost as large as herself as a fashion accessory.

Bernadette Tigerfish, the sort of girl that wouldn’t leave the house without an with an axe.

Lailantie Core, chops wood with her axe, but those trousers are definitely designed for maniacs.

Scary lookin’ bearded bloke with axe. Definitely a maniac.

Look out Dad! Grandad’s coming with an axe!