Slapping the Sign


One of the Trainers signs stopped working. Logan and I went over to Caledon to investigate and she and the grey wolf gave it a slap. I hope none of the posh Caledon neighbours were watching, they’ll think we’re right old idiots.

It’s not every day…

I was down the pub the other night and the barman said to me, “Hey Miller mate, I was reading your blog…”
“Oh yeh.” I replied
“Is that right” he continued, “that your Dad is a Ninja“?
“No mate,” I answered, “He’s a Geisha!”

Dad was making the Ikebana animation and for a short spell he got a job as a Geisha while he was doing the research.

It’s not every day that you get the chance to slap the living **** out of a Geisha, so Blu, Logan and I seized the opportunity while it was there.