Rowing with Karys

That’s rowing as in messing about in boats.
Not rowing as in shouting and hollering and having an argument.

…just look at the pictures, you’ll probably understand…

Karys and Me and Logan were relaxing at Canis Beach, after answering a call out to the Dog Park. Karys decided to take us for a trip around the bay in a little rowing boat.

We visited with Auntie Nessie who is absolutely enormarse. Look at us, we’re like a tiny speck near her tail.

This being Second Life we also had a race with a little green alien guy who was paddling a paper boat with a teaspoon.
I’m happy to say that we won the race…

…but slightly embarrassed to confess that it was only because we cut him up viciously and ran him off the road river sea whatever.

It wasn’t long however before we were back on dry land. But you’ll notice that I didn’t say safely back on dryland. You see we were still in the boat and Karys was still rowing. We know from experience that Karys’ driving is not what you’d call safe.

Back in the water, there was just enough time left for another quick trip around the bay.
Heave Ho Karys!

Finally, still wearing her high heels, Karys steps daintily out of the boat, leans down, hauls it out of the water with one hand, dumps it unceremoniously on the deck and walks off.

Reindeer Racing

It all started off fairly gently, just a little ride around the park at a moderate sort of speed.



Logan and Karys before the chaos began.


Karys, Logan, Me, Paula

Up to this point it was all going fine, but then they found that the reindeer had several speeds. After that it wasn’t long at all until this happened.


Yep, Logan got me, her body and the reindeer’s head stuck through the fence and couldn’t get out.


Embarrassed again.