Archie meets Otis

You probably remember Archie from one of my previous posts. Today he met Otis who is Logan’s VKC Cat.


Otis gives Archie the once over.
Robbie and Rocky the Widgets look a little worried.


“Hey Otis! Look, ” says Archie, “I can scratch my ear and stick my tongue out at the same time! Can you do that?”

Otis looks the other way and pretends to ignore him. “Dude, you have no idea all what I can do.”

Archie the Cat

Logan and I got a cat. His name is Archie. He started off as a kitten which is like a small cat that likes to play a lot. He likes to play this game where he lies on his back and you tickle him with a feather. I am hoping that when he gets bigger he will like proper games like poker or call of duty.

We got him a bed. It’s a bit big for him at the moment, but he will grow into it.

In fact, he grows every day as a result of all the expensive food he scoffs.

It’s a bit mad really. You don’t have to feed the dogs (although you can) and even Logan doesn’t cost this much to feed. Apparently it’s a special breedable food so that he can build up a lot of strength to go out bonking night after night and make more little cats. But first he has to become big enough to bonk.

It doesn’t take long. After about five days he is too long for the bed.

By the time he is a week old, he can barely even sit in the bed we got for him. Tux the Penguin thinks “Blimey! He’s bigger than me now!”

I did some research in the cat manual and I found that if Logan takes him to the cat vet, we can get him doctored so that he can’t go out bonking and then he won’t need to eat all the food.  The anti-bonking operation is expensive, but you only have to do it once (if you get a good doctor) so we’ll soon recoup the money from the savings on the food.

A couple of nights ago we stayed up late and waited until everyone had gone to bed and then we took Archie to a famous breedable cat house pet shop and let him out. Logan and I went to bed and then got up early in the morning to go and collect him before the owner of the other cats got up. Archie looked pretty pleased with himself although maybe a little tired. Most of the day he just layed in his bed like this and purred at Robby and Rocky and Tux.
If you see the breedable cat woman and has grey kittens and she is angry, you don’t know us. OK?

Logan can take him to the vet tomorrow.