Who is that masked man?

Batman? The Lone Ranger? Spidey?

No, this is a new super hero, it’s…

Milddle Aged Special Needs Water Pistol Ninjard!

Faster than a speeding erm…. jet of water?

Water Pistol Ninjard sneaks up behind Logan and me, “If you shoot that at my butt one more time, you’ll be going home in an ambulance.”

Cazaluff running rings round the Ninjard

Lightning fast reactions, pinpoint accuracy.
Rook eye Daniel San. Arway rook eye!

4 Responses to Ninjard!

  1. If I were a cat in your neighborhood, Mr. Ninjard, sir,I would high tail it outta there fast…

    … and never come back.

  2. hehhehehe the end of the story is that the alien cat hasnt come back…. but i am hooked at shooting bats!. No worry you wild life followers.. never hit them hehehehhehee

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