Batman came to the dog park, I was really excited.


Widget got a bit excited too and jumped up to greet him and he got dog hair on his trousers.


The Harelquin Dane thinks he might have stepped in something too. But that probably happened at someone else’s dog park.

Cousin Jana

This is Jana Crispien, she came to visit the dogs in the park.
I don’t actually know that she’s my cousin, it’s not always easy to keep track of the family when you’re a dragon. She’s got the claws and the hat, which makes me think she might be a relative. But she walks around on the ground so she might be one of the poorer relatives.

Cennie, Caloth and Choati

This is Cennie Deines whom I met in the Dog Park with Caloth and Choati. They were very shy and didn’t say a word so I got onto the Millerphone and ordered some Double Flame Grilled Child Avatar Burgers and Coke to go. When the delivery bloke arrived, I had Logan pass them out to everyone. I think it broke the ice (-: