OES Photo Shoot

Logan and I got to do a little photoshoot with the Car for Hosanna who was taking photos of the all dogs for the Virtual Kennel Club web site. We had to take the car to the Hewes park and drive it up and down so that Hosanna could take photos.

What this really means is that Hosanna and I spent a lot of time sitting around while Logan did some swearing and bad driving and generally failed to get the car parked in the right place because it’s really hard to get a photo of that car when it’s going full tilt. It’s also really hard to get that car to keep still (-;

Anyway, eventually we got it parked for long enough to get some photos.


This one is of course an out take because of the boobs and bottoms shop in the background.


This one is a bit better.

You can see the one that Hosanna finally used on the VKC web site on the Old English Sheepdog page.

More Headlessness

ebi_lost_his_headIt seems that headlessness was rife at Halloween.
Ebi lost his head, but Quoth kept his.



Dad lost his too (no surprises there then)



Karys lost hers and was shouting about it.



Headless woman pets Sheepdog



Sheepdog realises woman is headless and freaks out.




I always thought that Megumi was the scariest thing at Turing Estates, but today I was proved wrong. Keiichi gets the vote as the scariest critter we know, for eating Megumi’s brains. (I don’t suppose for a New York second that it was a very filling meal.)