Tired of Turner? Can’t afford a Constable? How about an Aarde?

Startlingly realistic. One of a kind.

Jumps right off the wall.

karys_aarde-framedKarys Aarde:  “It wasn’t me. I wasn’t even there. I never done nuffink. I was FRAMED!”

Shopping at DNR

Blu and Rosanna and Karys and Cazaluff and Logan went shopping at Nicky Ree’s store. They seem to like it there a lot, especially Cazaluff and Karys who own like most of the stuff in the shop.  Logan and Karys spotted the catwalk and the animations for the runway models and without a moment’s hesitation they leapt aboard to try them out.

Look at the pictures and heed the warning; don’t try this out for yourselves. These are clearly not for amateurs to use.  Unless you are a professional model, leave them well alone…


Things went fairly well the first time down the catwalk, but by the time they got back to the top again things were looking decidedly dodgy.


Any normal person would have decide that discretion was the better part of valour and called it a day. But we’re not talking about normal here, we’re talking about Crazy Karys and Lunatic Logan.


…and things continued to deteriorate…


…until basically all there was left was a tangle of arms and legs and everyone was staring at them.

By the time that Karys and Logan finally conceded defeat, their continuous hollering, squawking and giggling had caught the attention of Blu and Rosanna who were eager to show that they were much more like professional models.


So Blu goes off down the catwalk and things start to get wobbly.


Rosanna was hot on her heels and by the time they got to the first turn it was, basically, all over the place.


Back at the top end, things have gone from bad to worse but Barking Blu and Raving Rosanna are not deterred…


… round they go for another lap…


…and things start to get seriously disturbing.


There’s nothing like being a professional folks… and this was nothing like it.