Frankenbabies (part three)

Blu and Logan were at this store, looking for a coffee machine and I saw these…

I think the parents had abandoned them in the store and I am not surprised. Even I wouldn’t have eaten them. (Well, maybe I would, but only with a lot of strong tasting relish.)

Frankenbabies (part two)

Erm…. it’s the end of November and you’re running around  in a swimsuit and flippers in the snow?

and what’s more it’s DARK Dammit!


and later on I was out with Logan and she was doing something really boring, like setting up a new store or something, so I was scanning around on the millercam looking for a bite to eat and I saw these…

…who were already getting a bite to eat.


Franken Babies

It is rare for me to be speechless, but this pretty much did it.Frankenstein Baby

These two came twice, first with Mommy who didn’t get them a dog and then again later with auntie, who was clearly a softer touch.