Wedding Belles!

So, I’m not really sure that I understand all this, but I’m gonna do my best with it all the same.

Our friends Peg and Qwerty were getting married…


Dad had to give the bride away.
This is confusing to begin with because I didn’t know Dad had a bride, much less enough brides to have enough to give away. More confusing still is that if he is the Father of the Bride, doesn’t that make Qwerty my sister and if so, why did no one tell me? Everyone in the photo is looking very worried, but there’s a barrel of brandy there, just pour yourselves another glass, it’ll be OK!


Qwerty is walking down the aisle with Dad and Peg is waiting.


Blimey! I see an et tu Brute? moment coming. This could get messy.
“Look Out Peg!” I shouted,  “It’s a trap!”


But no, it’s all part of the ceremony. Bridesmaids waiting, pipers piping and Gryphon gryphoning.


Exchanging vows…


…and rings and things.


You may now kiss the bride!


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