Dog Bath Video

Some months ago Blu and Logan and Dad got together to make the LogSpark Dog Bath for VKC(TM) Dogs. Solcar did the animations, Blu designed the baths and created the themes and Logan and I wrote the scripts.

The bath comes in Small, Medium and Large to suit the sizes of the different Virtual Kennel Club dog breeds and features two and a half minutes of looped animation for each breed. There are nine themes that can be selected from the touch control menu and there are also controls that will allow you to fine tune your avatar’s position at the bath to get the most realistic look.

If you’d like one of these, you can get them from the LogSpark Dog Bath Store at the VKC Dog Park at Turing Isle. If you need two or more baths (so that you have the right size baths for your VKC Dog breeds) you can get a discount by buying the Twin Pack or the Fat Pack which contains all three.

2 Responses to Dog Bath Video

  1. We are quite proud of our work there.. arent we?
    You and Logan and Blu and me really enjoyed this project, and we hope people have at least same fun trying them out! You are right Miller… everybody should go and try the demos at Turing with their own doggies.

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