The Fashion Never Fades Show

Blu, Dad, Erie, Logan and Me had tickets for front row seats at Roe Woodford’s show.

~Fashion Never Fades~

We nearly didn’t make it into the show at all. When we arrived at the landing point, there were cakes like I’ve never seen before. It was a bit of a struggle to get Logan and Blu away from the cakes and into the auditorium.

Dad was a bit late so we teleported him in directly. Here he is all grey and flailing around like a ‘tard.

Roe was the MC, she looked really elegant with her Grandma’s Phone Gramophone and her vintage microphone and the big shell thing.

The first part of the show was all about fashion from the 1930s. Apparently that is a very long time ago, before even Blu and Logan can remember.

These was one of our favourites.

The models all come back on stage together…

…and then its time for the Intermission ad for Erie to check his nails.


While we’re waiting I have a quick cam around and sneak a peek into the DJ Booth where I find DJ Lynn Wilder

and her amazing dress.

I also sent the robotic, remote controlled, spybot, millercam to have a look and see what’s happening backstage.

where I found the show assistards, Brendan McArthur…

and Koffie Juniper.

and we had to wonder what Tillie Ariantho did that meant she had to stand in the corner for the entire show.


Then the next thing you know, it’s on with the show.

The classic Indian Motorcycle looks cool.

But Roe looks better.


Of course, the models look wonderful too.

Here’s another of our favourites.

All the models together.


Then it was intermission time again.

This time I send off the robotic, remote controlled, spybot, millercam to have a look at the audience and see if there was anyone we recognised. I was quietly wondering if scary judge came to see the show.

Scary… but I don’t think that’s her.

Also scary, but not her.
Oh but wait… who’s that in the background.

I manoeuvre the millercam gently across the hall and sure enough…
Heeeeere’s Scary!

Looks like she’s wearing her muscle-tee shirt-dress backwards.  Perhaps she didn’t have enough time to get dressed after doing her make up.


Intermission over and it’s 70s Time!

Roe is now the Seventies MC

Here she is in close up.

And here are our favourite outfits.



And then it’s all over. The models all come out on stage together one last time…

…and Dad applauds. (Actually he was doing that pretty well non-stop through the whole show.) The grey looking woman in the row behind looks for her shoes and Erie has already left just crashed…

…and Roe can now relax and boogie on down.

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