PFP Gabriel Show

I have good news for all you Fashionistards and Modelling Fans. After the sponsors of Roe and Lynn’s Fashion Shows pulled the plug on them, Roe set up her own company ProFashion Productions  so that she could produce her own shows.

Today was the first one and I had VIP tickets for me and Blu and LilWitch and Logan .

All the models were wearing designs by Gabriel.

Here’s Roe, introducing the first model as the show was just starting.

DJ Lynn was already well into the groove, and halfway down a bottle of rum.

The models seemed to be having an unofficial sticky-up hair competition. This is sticky up beehive.

Sticky-up chocolate moose mousse.

This girl was definitely the winner of the sticky-up hair show.

They also had boy models, but this one seemed to have missed the point of the stickyup hair competition. Perhaps no one told him.

But this guy was getting the hang of it.

This one was really shy.
You can’t do no cameras when you’re a model mate.
The whole point is that people want to take your photo.
You should probably do your shirt up before you come on stage too.

I haven’t seen a good teapot pose since Lieffie’s show, and today was no different.

But the show was well-attended and the audience seemed to enjoy it all the same.

I sneaked a quick peek with the remote spybot millercam to see if there was anyone we recognised…

I’m happy to say that Scary Judge was in the audience this week.
Scary or not I was pleased to see her because I know all my readers had missed her.

LOOK who else was in the audience! Endina and Patsy from Ab Fab!
How cool is that?

But the next thing I knew it was all over. Roe and the audience were applauding the models and it was time to go home.

By the way, you can see the rest of my photos from the show on my new Flickr pages (-:
PFP Gabriel Show on FLickr

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