Woodford Luxury Homes

Not content with being a Super Model, a VKC Trainer, a Model Judge, A Fashion Show Entrepreneur and the owner of a Modelling Academy, Roe is branching out again. This time she’s getting into building.

I am very pleased to be able to present to you the world premier of

Woodford Luxury Homes

Stunning Architecture

Immaculate Interiors and Beautiful Views

All the mod cons.  Both inside…

…and out.

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4 Responses to Woodford Luxury Homes

  1. Quality is our number-one priority at Woodford Luxury Homes! How do we achieve such a high level of quality you wonder?? It’s all in the special wood we use! I am unable to reveal the source but be assured even the exclusive Lil’s Outhouse was made from the same wood! Get yours today! Pre orders accepted!

  2. Hmmmm Just a question… Is the indoors toilette leaking? Looks like a puddle of ‘water’ around it!!!! if not.. you better change that texture LOL *kidding. Actually we men would love that texture for RL…. *more kidding

  3. Hey Dad! We at Woodford Luxury Homes “aim” to please as it were LOL Shame on Lilwitch for missing, you do know shes drinkin Marshmallow flavored rum these days?