Who’s that Girl?

Anyone recognise this girl?

No? Do you give up?

I’ll tell you…This fearsome urban gorrillard guerrilla is none other than our very own Roe Woodford! Not content to merely be a super model, a teacher, a fashion show icon and an housing industry entrepreneur – when a griefer-girl came to tell her that she’d trash PFP’s next production, Roe, ever ready to meet the next challenge head on, got all tooled up ready to leap into action to defend the models.

When it came to the crunch though griefer-girl never showed up. We think her Mum caught her tearing the head of her baby brother’s cuddly bunny toy, and smearing ketchup on the wall so that she could make a back drop like Roe’s and then her Mum said she couldn’t play on the computer because she was grounded.

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