As often happens, Dad had to go to see a Lady about a dog, and

As often happens, Dad got into a bit of a muddle, and

As often happens, I had to go help him out.

So I rounded up Logan and we teleported to the Lady’s island to take a look.

Now, I don’t mind telling you that I was a bit worried when I saw this place, I mean, we heard the stories in school about the sort of people that live in castles and about how they distress their damsels and worse still how they then blame it on the dragons and give them a lot of grief about it. I’m glad that Logan doesn’t celebrate St. George’s Day, ‘cos I’ve read about that guy, and he was the worst of them all. To be honest, I find any celebration of that sort of behaviour, really rather disturbing.

So anyway, we walk up to the entrance and we wait for the drawbridge to come down. I was still wondering about how all this might turn out, but Dad needed my help. If he needed me to rescue him from the castle, then I had to be brave.

Eventually the drawbridge comes down and I take a deep breath, we start to walk across and I wonder if the Port Cullis will fall down on my head.

Finally we get inside and maaaan, this place is BIG. I could be lost in here for weeks! Or I could have been thrown into the dungeons and tortured and I no one would ever know. I bet there’s not very good cellphone coverage out here. And look at this…

I coulda been bombarded with rocks before I had even got to ring the door bell.

But, all my fears were unfounded, just listen to what the nice lady said:

Mar Shilova: hola

Mar Shilova: que dragon mas precioso!

Mar’s translator: that most beautiful dragon!

Mar Shilova: me encanta!

Miller: i am BEAUTIFUL!

Mar’s translator: I love it!


I am BEAUTIFUL! See? Cazaluff, you see? “Most beautiful dragon!”

That is ME!

Aaaahhhhhhaaaaaahhaaaaahhhhhaaaahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa !!

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