Building Exercises

Logan and Austin’s students came to the University Island to build some SL things and get some practice in so that they will be able to display great skill in the building of Machinima sets.

What was once a quiet and peaceful island was suddenly covered in….. stuff!

Stuff… on the ground… and in the sky

The chess players built a shanty town in the north west

and they imported pink cars

I always thought chess pieces were meant to be small, but perhaps I was wrong. The people that made this go to a university and they are getting a lot betterer education than wot I did, so presumably they know all about the relative proportions of cars in relation to chessmen, and I do not.

This person is building a night club

…on goes the roof and…

Blimey! I don’t want to be rude, but your club’s a bit of a nightmare innit? It hurts my eyes.

This enterprising person built a house and parked their spaceship on the deck.

Austin found a shed that he fancied for his garden…

…and went in and made himself right at home

He does this a lot.

Windfarm. I think this is a comment about Austin’s Lectures.

This one is my favourite. It’s called Dan’s Church and Diner.

I took Blu and Rico to see it too. But the neighbourhood was already going downhill by then.

I ate there every night for a week. They did a rockin’ roadkill grill.

It’s a shame that it’s not there now. I guess it’s Easy Come Easy Go, in the Church n Diner business.

Finally… there is this guy…

I fear that there is really nothing that even I can say about this.

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