Exploring with Austin

Logan and I were out on the job with Austin, looking at the NHS educational Sims in Second Life. But Austin fell asleep in a wine bar, so me and Logan went exploring on our own.

Here we are checking the MillerMail in an internet cafe.

Then we took the bus to the pizza place and had lunch. Logan has appalling taste in pizza, cheese and olives and tomato and crap like that. I ordered road kill but had to settle for pepperoni. Oddly enough (or not as the case may be) you can hardly tell them apart.

After lunch we went for a wander around and we found a guy that had been run over by a truck

…and the truck had crashed into the fence…

…and was about to be asploded…

I was just getting onto the Miller phone to call for an ambulance when I realised that it was a roleplay for the hospital people and the emergency people. The bloke on the sidewalk wasn’t really dead (‘cos the guy driving the truck wasn’t going fast enough to kill him). He was only pretending to have sustained massive injuries, to his body and his head so that the nurses would go for could tend to him. He was doing a good job of it though, I reckon that if he kept it up, people would feel sorry for him and impressionable women would fawn over him and want to marry him and all sorts of crazy behaviour.


Logan and I got hungry again so we nipped down to the corner shop and got some crisps and a can of beer and stumbled off to the tube station.

Down in the Tube station at midnight half past four in the afternoon. (Doesn’t really have the same ring to it does it?)

We missed the first train my moments so we stood and waited for the next one and tried not to look at this sign, for we remember well what became of poor Da5id. He wasn’t putting it on.

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