Turing Isle St. Patricks Day Party 2009 Machinima

This year was the third Annual St. Patricks Day Party at Turing Isle. (I’ve been the official machinimatographer at two of them.) We invited all out friends to come and dance and drink and party and bring their dogs and generally have a good time.

There were decorations and catering by Blu Heron (can we please have a few more roadkill grills next year Blu?) and green beer and a Coin Hunt organised by Blu and Blu and dancing and dogs and drinking and a raffle ball (some people won a dog!) and Cephus won a dress and did I say dancing and beer?

You can download a better quality version here: Turing_Isle_St_Patricks_Day_Party_2009

4 Responses to Turing Isle St. Patricks Day Party 2009 Machinima

  1. Yay! That was quite the party! So grateful, Miller and Sandry, that you filmed it. By the time I [slept if off] [erm] woke up the next day, it was all a lovely pleasant haze.

  2. I must say that you are doing everytime better my son!. I can see you have taught Sandry all the tricks and abouts of shooting and filming !!! With your help and experience she is doing everytime better and better. I´ve really enjoyed this film, great music by the way!

  3. This should be an award winner for sure. If not nominated for one, we’ll start a new catagory somewhere! Loved the music and the pics. Now about keeping this out of the hands of the Bishop…..!

  4. An academy award winning performance!!! Bravisimo!!! Awards for every category, music (amazing timing!), lighting, direction, production, and of course best documentary!!! Thank you all for a wonderful St. Patty’s Party!!! :))) Daisy has finally recovered! :))) Hazey is still questionable ;-)