Views from Isle of Dogs

I am practising my moody photography. This is the new Windmill and Water Tower that Blu brought to the Isle of Dogs.

I am sure you all know this, but just in case you are still living under a stone, or on a beach or somewhere, the Isle of Dogs is the Virtual Kennel Club’s three-sim Dog Park, next to the two Turing Isles. In the background you can see the lovely Turing Isle II where you can buy or rent a place for you and your dogs to live.

The Water Tower and Windmill are made by Alir Flow. If you want one, you can get them from: Alirium Gardens.

Isle of Dogs is owned by Enrico Genosse and was built by Blu Sparkle. If you want one you’ll probably need to stump up a lot of cash. See Blu. (-:

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