Dennimore Golf and Park

Blu and Logan have a friend called Roe Woodford who today opened her new sim and sent an invite for everyone to come and visit…


Blu, Logan, Roe, Dad, Alex


…oooops, I almost forgot Coco (-:


So then Roe fetched the golf cart and we all leapt about to go on a little tour…

Logan and I are looking kinda worried as Roe carefully negotiates the dancers, but Alex is looking very chilled.

A few minutes later we are even more worried as she tries to throw us all into the lake…

…but it’s OK, she wasn’t going to drown us, she just wanted us to have a good view of the baby ducks…

…and the embarrassed duck.


Just when we were starting to relax and enjoy the ride, we find out that the golf cart can FLY! Now we’re more worried than ever…

Thankfully, it’s a short flight with a safe landing, and I breathe a long sigh of relief as Roe abandons the cart by the club house and walks away…

My relief is, however, short lived as Blu jumps into the driver’s seat and Logan jumps in beside her…

Cazaluff is riding shotgun as we charge across the little bridges with reckless abandon.


We spot a long abandoned golf cart in the woods. There is no sign of the driver or passengers. I guess the bears even ate their bones.


And we wish Karys was here to help us push the cart up the steep slope…


Before Blu takes us back to the garage and slings the golf cart tyres-a-screaming into the parking bay in a very deft manoeuvre to rival Elwood’s driving.


Finally we go back to the Clubhouse where Logan has a couple of Tequila’s and passes out on the table whilst Blu and Alex torment me singing and doing the La-La-La-Laaaaaa Dance.


Then they meet up with Dad and do a whole bottle of Tequila before they all pass out on the table.

Thanks for having us Roe, it was a grand day out (-:

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