I was delighted to accept when Lieffiie invited me to take Logan to see the Harajuku show in the Miss Essence of Ebony Contest.

I had no idea what it meant, but I thought we would find out when we got there and I’d be able to wing it from there on in.

No such luck.
This was much harder than I thought to work out.

First I thought it meant “Get all your stuff out of the closet, throw it on the bed and get dressed while wearing a blindfold.”

Then I decided it must mean “Girl with the Chimey Sweep Brush”

Or perhaps “You must wear something bright pink”

Maybe it just means “Scary Girl”

I was pretty sure that I was right with “Scary Girl” for a while.

But then I realised that it might mean:
“Where did you get that hat,
where did you get that hat?”

“I should like to have one,
just the same as that”

I watched the show a bit more and wondered if it might be the Japanese word for “Stormtrooper Platform Boots”

Or I’ve got “Mad Pink Hair!”

Finally, I worked it out.
It means, “It’s my birthday soon, I hope someone can buy me some new laces”!

Leiffiie Ruby.

Logan and I had been whispering and we attracted the attention of the scary judge. She said, “Stop talking in the back row, or else I’ll come and eat all your beads. Because I’ve nearly finished eating all of mine.”

Not all of the judges were scary. This is my old friend Roe Woodford who has been promotard and is now a Harajuku judge too.

And this judge is the owner.
I don’t think she can see if the Harajukus or the judges are scary.
I don’t think she can see anything at all.

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