Perma Yay II

Normally an affliction of Dad, Karys or Ebi, the perma-yay today attacked Logan.

While all y’all are standin’ there laughin’ and chucklin’ and chortlin’ and …did I hear just hear someone snort?
I’d like to point out to you how very uncomfortable and ungainly this really is. Not only that, it’s bloody dangerarse too! I get hair gel up my nose, which mixes with the chemicals in my flame ducts and can lead to some highly inflammable sneezes.

Dad is Broken

Auntie Juana came to visit Dad (sorry, but I don’t have her picture) and he was very excited. He was talking with Blu and Logan and they were all giving it “Hoooo” and “Yayyyy” but fortunately they weren’t doing the backflips because that makes me feel ill and I have told Logan many times that I will throw up on her coat if she does it too often. Anyway, Dad got into a bad yayyy and he got stuck…

…Dad in a bad yayy, wearing a sign so that everyone would know… as if you could bladdy miss it.


Just in case you are interested: as luck would have it, he got better again shortly afterwards and he is no longer running around looking like a retard.