Vero Modero Summer Fashion Show

It was not without a twinge of sadness that I took Logan to see the Vero Modero Summer Fashion Show this afternoon. Sad because it is the last show that Roe and Lynn will be doing for Dreamseeker Productions. They put on a great show and if you’ve never seen one, you missed out.

Anyway, we arrived at the beautiful tropical location and made our way to our seat.

No sooner had we got comfy when things looked like they were going to go wrong.  This girl arrived with a bladdy mountainous hairdo and plonked herself down in the seat in front of us. I could hardly see a thing.
Worse still there was a bloke sitting next to her with the MF word in his group tag. I was about to have a word with him because it’s not really appropriate for this sort of venue, but it turned out that he was just a little boy in RL and when his Mum called him to go and have his tea, he had to leave.

Here’s Roe in her swimwear and coool shades.

With this being a summer fasion show on a beach, there were a lot of girls in bikinis. Now, you all know what bikini girls look like so you probably don’t need me to show you a lot of photos.

But here are  a couple anyway just in case. If you need to see some more, you can go to the beach, or get some magazines, or something.

Logan said this hairstyle is called a beehive. I think the flower is summer fashion for bees.

You have to be careful because if you lose the flower, the bees will move out and it ends up looking like this.

We wondered how this girl could even see where she was going.

I think the pollen from the flowers was playing havoc her hay fever and making her eyes all puffy, so she combed her fringe down to hide them a bit.

Lunch was served live.
I had mine with fries and a little ranch dressing.

After I had eaten, I had a quick look around in the audience. I couldn’t see anyone we know, but I did see a man in a strange looking hat…

…and a strange looking man in a very strange hat, with a handbag.

After that it was time to meet Bouquet Babii the Designer.

When Lynn came out from the DJ stand and started to boogie, it was the end of the show and all the models came out to dance too.

Roe and Lynn, you do the best fashion shows. I’m going to miss going to see them.

Frankenbabies (Part Six)

franken_babies_06-01Blimey! It’s my Frankenbaby Brother Burger!

Logan said that if he was my brother, it would be severely frowned upon if I ate him. Something about cannonballs that I didn’t really understand. But, this is bad, really bad. I really don’t want a brother.

I am however, very relieved to report that as it turns out this is not my brother at all and (as far as we know) I don’t have a brother. It just so happened that Dad was at out shopping and when he sat down for a rest, this little horror jumped him. I just happened to be coming past with the Millercam just at the right moment to catch Dad being caught unawares.