Have a look at this.  You might not recognise the person in the photo, that’s Jane. No wait that’s wrong. It’s Chic Aeon. She’s a blogger. But look at the barrow and the little fence and the pile of hay. Recognise those?

Chic Aeon as Jane. (Photo by Chic Aeon)

Chic got some of Logan’s stuff at the Home and Garden Expo 2012 and she really liked it. So much so that she wrote a blog post about it on her own site and what’s more, she made this rockin’ video.  (-:

Thank you Chic. We love your videos. Great work.

Dog House

One Prim Dog House

Logan made a one-prim Dog House.

“COOL!” I said, “We can make a script like Vavoom’s to go in it”
“I made that too!” said Logan

I think we should have left this to the experts.

Animation Vendard

Dad wanted a new vendor for selling animations.
I said I’d do it and but Logan insisted that she was going to help.

I only turned my back for a moment to phone for a takeaway and this happened.

About ten minutes later, I looked away again when the delivery arrived and Logan did it once more.
I’ll wait until she’s gone to bed next time and do it meself.