Batman came to the dog park, I was really excited.


Widget got a bit excited too and jumped up to greet him and he got dog hair on his trousers.


The Harelquin Dane thinks he might have stepped in something too. But that probably happened at someone else’s dog park.


I got a Valentine in my email today!

I am Elena. 22 years old from Russia
Share the year ahead with me!
Let’s jump on our next stepping stones.

You can see some of my new photos here (link removed)

Get in touch soon!
Will you be my Valentine?

I’m waiting for you now.

Lady, it could be a long wait.

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Over the Limit

I found this the other day while I was reading Logan’s email digging around in the Miller Archives.

The object ‘hippoRENT Rental Box v5.53’ has sent you a message from Second Life:
Wild Wind- RENT MEEROO @ Sushene Seven 190, 109, 24 – You are over your prim limit on your rental! Limit is 70 prims and you have 7874 prims.

Blimey. She’s gonna be in the pooh for that.

VKC Puppies


Enrico released the puppies. Here they are in the Puppy Pen at Canis Beach Dog Park checking out me and Logan.


Meanwhile, back at the Puppy Pen at Turing Isle, the puppies meet a tiger.”Blimey mate,” says the Alder puppy, “what sort of a dog are you?”
“He’s an orange stripey one, dopey!” says the Cedar puppy, rolling around laughing at her joke.