Cousin Jana

This is Jana Crispien, she came to visit the dogs in the park.
I don’t actually know that she’s my cousin, it’s not always easy to keep track of the family when you’re a dragon. She’s got the claws and the hat, which makes me think she might be a relative. But she walks around on the ground so she might be one of the poorer relatives.

All the old families have one…

…a mad woman in the attic that is.

Rosanna found Laney555 standing alone in the attic in the big house on Turing Isle II. She says:

“And this one is of a visitor at the abandoned house next door to me. Poor girl. Somebody must’ve misdirected her to the bus stop. It’s not a particularly good place to wait for the bus. Ennui, apparently taking its toll, had forced her into a catatonic state. She was totally unresponsive when I talked to her. I’ll bet she was late for work.”

I suspect it was Keiichi’s fault.

Tate’s Birthday

What do you get if you mix some VKC Dogs, a pink and white rabbit woman, some VKC Proven Trainers, a small black dragon, an Australiard and a gang of super models?

Tate’s Birthday Party of course! (-:

From Left to Right:

Nefertiti Seisenbacher
Miss Fifi
Paula Chunes
Blu Sparkle
Keiichi Ichtama
Angel Moni
Rosanna Himmel
Roe Woodford
Miller Wrox
Kalyabreeaa Capelo
Imani Enzo

Cennie, Caloth and Choati

This is Cennie Deines whom I met in the Dog Park with Caloth and Choati. They were very shy and didn’t say a word so I got onto the Millerphone and ordered some Double Flame Grilled Child Avatar Burgers and Coke to go. When the delivery bloke arrived, I had Logan pass them out to everyone. I think it broke the ice (-: